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2018 EPP (European Pig Producers) Congress

4th Apr 2018 / By Georgina Crayford

The 2018 EPP (European Pig Producers) Congress takes place in Switzerland at the end of May. 

The event takes place between May 30 and June 1, with the option for an extra tourist day on June 2. 

It will include interesting talks covering topics including free-farrowing, breeding against boar taint, tail docking and protected markets, as well as farm visits – and plenty of socialising with pig farmers from all over Europe! There is also a special programme for partners wishing to attend the congress.

You can find out more in our Events section and you can register here:

Registration is now open, including to non-members. NPA may be able to assist Young NPA members with securing sponsorship to subsidise their attendance. You should get in touch with me - – if you are interested in going.

Anyone wishing to join EPP as a member should also contact me.

EPP is also running a Global Pig Production Trends survey, seeking the views of pig farmers all over Europe as to what their plans are for the future and what challenges they envisage over the next few years.

Please answer the questions online:  - it takes only 7 Minutes