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AHDB continues LIPs sponsorship during 2018

2nd Feb 2018 / By Alistair Driver

AHDB Pork has announced it will continue to sponsor Ladies in Pigs (LIPs) throughout 2018.

LIPs2The sponsorship will be worth £100,000 for LIPs and will see the two organisations continue to work together to promote British pork throughout 2018. It will be used by LIPs where they feel they can best make a difference to encourage the promotion, sales and consumption of British pork throughout the year, AHDB Pork said.

"We’re looking forward to working together to champion the industry, change consumer perceptions, and, ultimately, promote pork," the levy said.

The future of the organisation, which is currently recruiting to replace chair Sue Woodall (pictured, centre), had been in doubt. LIPs is now set to continue and intends to adopt a new approach to promoting Red Tractor Pork, including a greater emphasis on social media.

The announcement that the organisation, which has been going since 1991 and currently has 250 members nationwide, will be welcomed across the pig industry. At a recent meeting to discuss its future, industry representatives, including NPA chief executive Zoe Davies and chairman Richard Lister, voiced for their support for the continuation of the organisation.

Zoe said: "The NPA is very keen to see LIPs continue doing its great work to promote British pork. We are pleased AHDB funding is now in place and recongise that the way of delivering the messages will need to change."