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AHDB seeking volunteers for pig housing survey

22nd Oct 2018 / By Alistair Driver

AHDB is seeking volunteers to take part in a survey about the current state of housing in the pig industry. 

housing survey

The levy body will be working with BMG Research to conduct an independent piece of market research over the next few weeks to help gain insight into what pig housing is currently in use, what the future needs of the industry might be and how housing might contribute to success.

AHDB and BMG are keen to ensure they reach a representative sample of the industry to help ensure the survey delivers the best possible results.

BMG will be contacting producers by telephone in the coming weeks, while producers can also register their interest here and have BMG contact them at a convenient time. 

AHDB head of buildings and environment Nigel Penlington said: "Buildings are a key to productivity, health, welfare and ultimately the success of the industry.

"To deliver this we need updating and replacement at a steady rate. Our knowledge of the types and ages of buildings in use is poor, also what is driving investment and what are the barriers.  

"To address these gaps in our knowledge we have employed market research specialists BMG Research to conduct an in depth survey so that we can inform our future activity, and work with others such as Defra, its agencies and suppliers so are farms can be better."