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A positive New Year message... despite everything

2nd Jan 2019 / By Zoe Davies

NPA chief executive Zoe Davies insists we still have reasons to be optimistic in 2019, despite the uncertainty over our political future and the market.  

Zoe Davies1As an eternal optimist I’m determined to give a positive New Year’s message, despite the fact that our Government appears to have completely lost the plot, our departure from the EU is plummeting towards us at a rate of knots and the pig price is still going the wrong way.

We may not have a clue how it is all going to pan out in 2019, and yes, African swine fever is still lurking in the shadows. But there are definitely some great opportunities if you look closely enough – we just have to take advantage of them.

As is usual for this time of year, I’ve done a fair bit of looking back on all that has happened over the last 12 months and I have to say I’m very proud of what the NPA has achieved for its members. Despite the fact it has been pretty ferocious and fast-paced at times, at the same time it has been very rewarding and there certainly has been no room for stagnation or navel gazing!

It is this knowledge that gives me confidence for next year, because I know that whatever comes our way, the NPA will be ready and waiting to meet it head on. I am blessed to have such an amazing team of high calibre people working for me and I have complete faith that they will cope with whatever is thrown at them. Clearly there will always be some things that are completely out of our control, but there will be many that we can influence and secure a positive outcome for pig producers as a result.

We will also be celebrating the NPA’s 20th anniversary in June and Digby Scott has been working hard on a very special book, which documents our illustrious history, to commemorate the event. Looking at the journey has also given me huge respect for all those who have been working in the pig industry for many years and what you all went through to get here. It is that tenacity and courage and, in some cases, sheer bloody mindedness that has impressed me the most, so I know that for those that are still with us, there isn’t much that they could throw at you that you won’t be able to manage. Between us, I think we’ll give it a jolly good bashing.

Besides, I understand that China might be looking for the odd spot of pork soon!

Good times await.  Happy New Year to one and all!