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Allied Industry Manifestos NPA Election 2021 logo


Allied members will be elected via the most votes in four categories:

  • Buildings/equipment 
  • Health
  • Marketing/processing
  • Nutrition.

The nominations are coming in!

Gemma Thwaites GarthGemma Thwaites, Garth Pig Practice

I would like to stand again for the veterinary representative on the PIG. Health and welfare remain at the forefront of the priorities for the sector.

In with my day to day on farm experience at Garth Pig Practice, coupled with my active involvement with Pig Veterinary Society (Presidential term and Welfare Officer), I feel strongly I am in a position to provide input on both a direct farm level and on the sector as a whole.  

The NPA provides such valuable support to producers, and I would relish the opportunity to remain in a position to continue to assist with this.

Peter Bryant, A-One

Peter BryantMy name is Peter Bryant and I have spent all my working life in agriculture, from pig production to feed manufacture and everything in between.

For the last 10 years, I have worked as a senior key account manager and, more recently, taken over as head of sales and marketing at A-One Feed Supplements.

The time I have spent in all sectors of the industry has been invaluable. With your help and support I would like to give something back to the industry that I feel so passionately about, and this is why I am putting myself forward for the AIG elections.

It is vital to ensure that the future of the British pig industry remains supported at a time of significant change, with the likes of zinc removal, biosecurity due to ASF and the challenges facing the industry around farrowing crates to name just a few.

Being elected onto the Pig Industry Group would be an honour and a privilege. I would bring extensive knowledge and understanding of the pig industry to the NPA and its members, as well as ensuring that the NPA/AIG remains influential and effective for the pig industry following such difficult times.

It is essential for us all to unite in building a sustainable and secure industry that is fit for the future. I wish everyone who is taking part in the PIG elections the best of luck.