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All the Allied Industry manifestos will be published here as they come in:

In so far: Paul Hutton, Collinsons, Hugh Crabtree, Farmex

Paul Hutton, Collinsons

Paul Hutton NPA electionsI've seen farming across sectors, throughout the United Kingdom, and around the world.

After 30 years in agriculture, and now, as a director at Collinson — a cornerstone agricultural company which, in itself, has worked alongside farmers now for almost 60 years — I've found the importance of organisations like the NPA, which work tirelessly, every day, for the good of the sector, cannot be underestimated.

I put myself forward as someone who is passionate about British agriculture and those who live it. By liaising with producers across the United Kingdom for the past three decades, and visiting farms worldwide, I've gained a deep understanding of common and individual challenges faced by farmers on a daily basis.

If elected, I believe my cross-sector and international knowledge could serve as an asset to the NPA in the challenges that may arise as we continue to promote and drive forward British agriculture.

Our pig industry is something to be proud of, as we navigate our way through a global pandemic we can celebrate our high welfare standards and food which our farmers produce to feed the nation.

It is imperative NPA retains strong members with the reach and knowledge to continue moving the sector forward. I would be privileged to have the opportunity to continue to contribute in maintaining and developing such a key industry.

Hugh Crabtree, Farmex

Hugh Crabtree NPA electionsMy company celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2020 and I've been involved with pig industry representational bodies almost as long.

More than ever, I fervently believe that the NPA is absolutely vital for the future of our industry. Careful re-structuring in the NPA has already improved the exchange of ideas between membership sectors and will make the business more efficient.

There are very challenging times ahead and technologically exciting too. I believe my commercial experience in the UK and overseas pig markets together with my commitment to the NPA over its first 20 years, will stand me in good stead to offer myself for election to the newly constituted Pig Industry Group as one of the allied industry membership representatives.

If elected, I hope to continue my NPA work with the Pig Industry Scholarship Programme, the eMB Steering Group, AHDB Pork's Pork Infrastructure and Environment Sub-group and the Pig Heath & Welfare Pathway Group.

I'd be very grateful for your support. Thank you.