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There are 15 allied industry candidates, who will be competing for seven places on the PIG. There are four candidates from the Feed/Nutrition sector, three each from Feed/Equipment and Pharmaceutical, two each from marketing and processing and one veterinary candidate.


Peter Bryant, A-One

Petrer Brynat AOneI have spent the last 34 years working within the industry, from pig production to feed manufacture. I have been working with A One Feeds as a Senior Key Account Manager for the past 8 years now, which has been invaluable by providing a clear insight into the British pig industry as it is today.

It is vital to ensure that the future of the British pig industry remains supported at a time of significant change with the likes of Antibiotic reduction, Zinc Removal and Farm Security to name just a few.

Being elected onto the Pig Industry Group would be a privilege and an honour. I’d bring extensive knowledge and understanding of the pig industry to the NPA and its members, as well as ensuring that the NPA/PIG remains influential and effective for the pig industry following such surreal times. 

It is essential for us all to unite in building a sustainable and secure industry that is ready for the future.

Charlotte Evans, ForFarmers

Charlotte Evans PGI have spent a very fulfilling career to date working within the pig industry, from having kept my own pigs, working on a pig unit, studying for my PhD in infectious disease epidemiology in pigs, working for AHDB (previously BPEX) and more recently within ForFarmers.

Supporting the NPA’s great work on the first ever PIG would therefore be a real privilege and an opportunity to continue to work on topical issues that both demand and deserve a collaborative approach from across the industry.

 My current role is to provide not only nutrition, but also management advice and technical support on to farm and to the wider team. I have a keen interest in innovation and technology with a background in infectious diseases and nutrition.

If successful, I will use my knowledge and experience for the benefit of the industry and will also leverage expertise as and when required across the wider ForFarmers group.

 I will be certain to work hard on behalf of the industry if elected. Thank you for considering my application.

Jason Evans, Cargill 

Jason EvansI have been involved practically in the British pig industry for the best part of 34 years (3rd generation), with 20 of those years as a manager on a 600-sow breeder feeder herd.

I have now moved to the other side of the farm gate to work within the allied industry, formerly with Hermitage, Alltech and NSF and now as a Technical Sales Manager for Cargill.

Over those 34 years, I have, as we all have witnessed massive changes and upheaval in the industry and have also seen, from the time I was a Bishop Burton student the UK pig herd shrink by more than 50% through major changes, such as the stall and tether ban and FMD and now we see the national herd close to 50% Outdoor bred and straw reared, with the indoor and outdoor systems having some similar and different difficulties and needs.

The further challenges along the way, particularly opposition to farrowing crates and further reduction of Antibiotic usage will mean that NPA will remain a vital part of the industry in their support, particularly when it comes to scrutinising Government policy and contesting the threat of cheap imports.

If elected, I believe that my production background, with experience of many different Systems and now my cross pollination of allied industry experience will hopefully enable me to assist the NPA PIG and its members look at ways to move forward through these challenging times our industry is facing.

I would appreciate your support as I am passionate about, and proud of the British pig industry.

Michelle SprentMichelle Sprent, Premier Nutrition

Having sat on the former Allied Industry Group as both a deputy and in my own right for nearly 10 years I have seen first-hand the fantastic job the NPA team do to support our industry.  

Being able to continue to contribute to this work via a position on the newly-formed Pig Industry Group would be a
great honour.  

With over 20 years experience in the feed industry working as a commercial nutritionist I feel I can make a valuable contribution to the group and thus help ensure a bright future for our industry.

Thank you for considering me and I promise to serve to the best of my ability if I am re-elected.


Hugh Crabtree, Farmex

Hugh Crabtree NPA electionsMy company celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2020 and I've been involved with pig industry representational bodies almost as long.

More than ever, I fervently believe that the NPA is absolutely vital for the future of our industry. Careful re-structuring in the NPA has already improved the exchange of ideas between membership sectors and will make the business more efficient.

There are very challenging times ahead and technologically exciting too. I believe my commercial experience in the UK and overseas pig markets together with my commitment to the NPA over its first 20 years, will stand me in good stead to offer myself for election to the newly constituted Pig Industry Group as one of the allied industry membership representatives.

If elected, I hope to continue my NPA work with the Pig Industry Scholarship Programme, the eMB Steering Group, AHDB Pork's Pork Infrastructure and Environment Sub-group and the Pig Heath & Welfare Pathway Group.

I'd be very grateful for your support. Thank you.

Paul Hutton, Collinsons

Paul Hutton NPA electionsI've seen farming across sectors, throughout the United Kingdom, and around the world.

After 30 years in agriculture, and now, as a director at Collinson — a cornerstone agricultural company which, in itself, has worked alongside farmers now for almost 60 years — I've found the importance of organisations like the NPA, which work tirelessly, every day, for the good of the sector, cannot be underestimated.

I put myself forward as someone who is passionate about British agriculture and those who live it. By liaising with producers across the United Kingdom for the past three decades, and visiting farms worldwide, I've gained a deep understanding of common and individual challenges faced by farmers on a daily basis.

If elected, I believe my cross-sector and international knowledge could serve as an asset to the NPA in the challenges that may arise as we continue to promote and drive forward British agriculture.

Our pig industry is something to be proud of, as we navigate our way through a global pandemic we can celebrate our high welfare standards and food which our farmers produce to feed the nation.

It is imperative NPA retains strong members with the reach and knowledge to continue moving the sector forward. I would be privileged to have the opportunity to continue to contribute in maintaining and developing such a key industry.

Andrew Maskery, Andrew Maskery Associates

Andrew MaskeryI have been involved in the pig sector all my life, growing up on my father's farm, working on our own breeding unit.  

The farm was sold in 1988 and I went to work in sales, eventually moving into the animal health sector, which I loved, working closely with producers, gaining valuable experience and learning first-hand about problems and areas of concern which developed a greater understanding of how I felt I might be able to supply products to improve performance and better biosecurity as well as improving farm welfare.

On advice from a major customer I decided to setup on my own in 2010 and have never looked back, I learn something new every day, working closely with suppliers and building a close working relationship with our ever increasing customer base.

Dedicated to supporting farmers with an independent, knowledgeable and trustworthy service. Helping them find cost-effective solutions to meet their farming needs and aiming to give easier access to the products they need with the right price and the right advice, regardless of the size of their farming business.

I have not sat on any board or advisory group before and feel that maybe I can now support my customers in a way that could make a difference. I thank you for this opportunity.


Chris Barlow, Yorkshire Farmers

Chris BarlowI have worked in the UK pig industry for over 35 years, gaining experience across the whole supply chain from genetics and breeding to farming, marketing and meat supply.

I started my career with PIC in a variety of roles including contract production manager and followed this with a role in the northern sales team based in East Yorkshire. I also worked within the gene transfer division and was responsible for the logistical management of the AI centres.

I joined Yorkshire Farmers in 2002 and, since then, I have gained considerable experience in finished pig marketing; developing close working relationships with producers and processors. I was appointed Commercial Director in 2008.

In my role at Yorkshire Farmers, we have worked with industry partners in creating vertically integrated production systems within the co-operative; and we have developed innovative ways of supporting our farmer members with different farm assurance schemes, specific customer programmes and environmental permitting.

Considering the political and practical challenges the industry now faces, I hope that my broad experience and knowledge of the pig industry can be an asset in the NPA’s lobbying. I have been on the AIG committee for three consecutive terms in the past.

If elected, I aim to bring the benefit of over 35 years’ worth of hindsight along with a proactive and passionate drive to promote and protect the UK pig industry.

Oli Bown, Thames Valley Cambac

Oli BrownI put myself forward for re-election as I am still keen to support and help NPA and the industry in whatever way I can.

I am still incredibly enthusiastic for the agricultural industry even in these uncertain times that are also very challenging for the pig sector. The diversity of this sector, the people and products offered are fantastic.

We all continue to have more challenges and need to work collaboratively together to achieve benefits for the industry and particularly the producer and promote pork to the consumer, not only it’s a healthy meat but it is available for use in global cuisine.

Over these last few years I have seen in even greater detail how quick NPA are to support the industry help producers, lobby government and others where necessary and the huge wealth of contacts they have to draw on, AIG and producer group being just two of these.

Having regular contact with producers I believe I can represent producers' views and understand all challenges faced by the different sectors as I work closely on a daily basis with the processing sector as well as feed, breed, nutrition and veterinary industries.

If you believe I can help support NPA and the pig sector again please can I ask for your vote and support.


Jack Fellows, Elanco UK

Jack FellowsIt would be a huge honour and privilege for me to be nominated to work with the NPA and be elected to join the PIG group but also to become an advocate for the Pig industry. This is an exciting but uncertain time, and I would love to be able to contribute to the future successes we will have as an industry.

I’m proud to say that I have recently joined the Pig industry by obtaining a role with Elanco Animal Health and I will be working as the Sales Lead for the Swine business across the UK/IRE. I will be working very closely with the whole supply chain going forward. I hope to use my future experiences to help make a real impact & contribution to the PIG group discussions.

Having predominantly been in the Poultry industry for most of my career, I have also been fortunate enough to gain practical experience on an Indoor growing/finishing unit in North Norfolk which I did for over 2 years along side my day to day role.

Prior to Elanco, I have been in practical farming roles and I have experience in Feed compounding and Feed additives.

I’m certainly one of the younger nominee’s, but I’m very passionate about the industry and believe I will be able to make a positive impact and contribution going forward.

Laura HancoxLaura Hancox, Zoetis 

Working as a National Veterinary Manager for a pharmaceutical company means I am constantly in communication with practicing pig vets, producers, integrators, processors and retailers.

Along with my current role, having worked in practice as a pig vet myself, and having spent four years earning a PhD in piglet gut health, I feel I have a broad understanding and involvement in the industry, and it is one I am very passionate about.

Pig health and medicines are my specialty, and I also sit on the NOAH (National Office of Animal Health) One Health Committee.

I would love to offer my services and hope my experience as a scientist, vet and pharmaceutical manager will assist the NPA with their good work for a further three years.

Eduardo Velazquez, Ceva Animal Health

Eduardo ValazquezI graduated from the university of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in Spain with my Veterinary Medicine degree in 2008 but I have developed most of my working career in the UK.

I am very proud to say that I am an active member of the pig industry in the UK and I have worked in several roles that have allowed me to gain a wide understanding of all aspects of the Farm to Fork strategy.

I am very passionate about contributing to the ongoing work to ensure that British farming gets the recognition it deserves, both for high quality production and animal welfare standards.

Previously, I had the opportunity to work at processor level in abattoirs and cutting plants, as well as a pig practitioner advising farmers in production and herd health matters. These opportunities led me to my current role as a Swine Technical Service Manager in the pharmaceutical industry, where I keep close contact with vets, producers and other stakeholders, supporting them with their daily business.

I believe my knowledge and varied experience will be an asset to the NPA. The organisation has a large impact on the pig industry and if elected I look forward to being part of its further development and being involved in it.


Ash Gilman, Cranswick 

Ash GilmanI have lived in Norfolk for 20 years, and I am married with two girls. I have a BSc from Wye College, London and an MSc in Advanced Farm Management from the RAU, Cirencester.

I joined Cranswick plc 4 years ago, and I am their head of agricultural strategy. I sit on the Red Tractor pig board and the Anglian Water soil and water stewardship business board. Previously, I was a farms’ manager for Velcourt plc, farms’ director for Maurice Crouch Growers Ltd, and group business manager for a national farmers’ cooperative.

I work alongside our Cranswick pig farming operations, including both outdoor and indoor systems. I coordinate R & D projects focussed on animal welfare, performance, disease surveillance, artificial intelligence and potential agri-tech that will assist in achieving our 2030 carbon neutral target.  

I believe more collaboration will be needed in future, both across the pig sector and other farming sectors, to ensure we deliver sustainable food production to our customers. I have extensive experience of supplying retailers and food service companies directly, with a range of high value, perishable agricultural produce to a range of certification standards.

I am passionate about British Agriculture, advocating our high standards and the inherent nutritional value and quality that it contains.

I understand the threats the industry is under, and I am keen to defend it rigorously, but we all have a duty to ensure our respective “shop windows” are looking their best at all times.

Steve Urwin, Karro Food Group

Steve UrwinHaving worked in various livestock sectors for 30 years, I would count it a privilege to be able to support the vital work of the NPA to help shape policy and direction. This has never been more important than in 2021 with so many significant challenges and changes facing the pig sector and agriculture in general.

Having served on several assurance schemes technical committees and working groups over the years, it has given me a strong belief that success will only be achieved when there is collaboration throughout the supply chain, with governance and transparency between all stakeholders and a desire to share information that delivers efficiencies for all involved. This must be led from market place demand for products that have been sustainably – Environmental, economic and social sustainability – produced. My focus has always been to develop systems that deliver a point of difference for the UK producer such as high welfare, responsible use of antibiotics and exceptional eating quality. The NPA plays a significant and strategic role in ensuring farmers, producers & processors are aligned and that government are briefed and challenged to ensure that our sector has the opportunity to play to our strengths and not be disadvantaged either in the UK or abroad.

If elected, as Agriculture Director for a pork processor, I believe I would be well placed to represent and feed back information to all stakeholders; to ensure the NPA can continue to be a loud, professional and well-respected voice of our industry.


Gemma Thwaites, Garth Pig Practice

Gemma ThwaitesI qualified from Liverpool University in 2007, developing an interest in the pig industry shortly afterwards while working in mixed practice in Yorkshire. I chose to specialise in pigs, joining Garth Partnership and subsequently becoming a partner in the business.

I am an active member of the Pig Veterinary Society and joined the officers team in 2020 as Junior Vice President.

I see a critical part of my role, should I be successful in securing a place on the Pig Industry Group (PIG), but also as a private veterinary surgeon is to support the industry in any way I can.

Having a day-to-day knowledge of the health and welfare issues in pig production, allied to my wider understanding of the political drives and concerns, put me in a strong position to provide a veterinary and health input to the group.

Within my own business we work with a significant sector of the United Kingdom pig industry and as such have access to a wide variety of production types but also work throughout the entire supply chain.

The key challenges we face as an industry, and in particular antimicrobial resistance and the zinc oxide ban, form a huge part of my work and put me in a strong position to provide advice and guidance to industry and be part of the wider debate. I have a particular interest in improving health and performance by disease eradication or by control via coordinated pig movements.

It's an exciting industry we work in, full of dedicated hard-working people and I would be privileged to continue to be a part of the fantastic work that NPA does in keeping it that way.