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BPA elects new chairman

15th Oct 2018 / By Alistair Driver

Jane Mathews has been elected as the new chairman of the British Pig Association. 

BPA-80Jane, who is from Chester and chairs the Oxfordshire Sandy and Black Society, was elected on Saturday, replacing Guy Kiddy, who has stepped down after serving two years in the role. 

She thanked all who voted for her assuring everyone else that she would work with them. "I am looking forward to continuing the development of the Association with the new Council, Committees and elected representatives," she said. 

The BPA is the official breed society and maintains the Herd Books for the following breeds: Berkshire, British Landrace, British Saddleback, Duroc, Gloucestershire Old Spots, Hampshire, Large Black, Large White, Mangalitza, Middle White, Oxford Sandy & Black, Pietrain, Tamworth and Welsh.

The majority of its traditional native breeds have less than 500 sows, which puts them at risk of extinction. One of its most important tasks is to register the birth of all pedigree litters of pigs to maintain and hopefully increase the number of registered breeding pigs in each of these breeds.