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Britain's Biggest Farmers Market - new Red Tractor campaign underway

1st Oct 2019 / By Alistair Driver

Red Tractor market

Red Tractor adverts will again appearing on TV screens as the latest £1m campaign to promote the logo and its credentials gets underway. 

The campaign, entitled ‘Britain’s Biggest Farmers Market’, will aim to set out the scheme’s credentials for ensuring UK products carrying the label can be 'trusted, safe and are farmed with care'.

It will highlight how Red Tractor brings together some of the best farmers, producers, retailers and foodservice operators from across the country to deliver great quality British food, produced to its high standards.

The campaign will kick off with the relaunch of Red Tractor's first ever major TV ad, which will run on prime-time TV and digital channels during flagship shows like Emmerdale and Gogglebox. Britain’s Biggest Farmers Market’ will also be supported by major supermarkets and food brands.

It is designed to tap into the desire of millions of shoppers and diners across the country to buy local or British food, highlighting that by simply ‘looking for Red Tractor’ in supermarkets and restaurants, people can be confident when buying products carrying the Red Tractor logo, that they are helping provide support and security for British farmers and food producers.

Jim Moseley, Red Tractor’s CEO, said: “We believe passionately that everyone should be able to buy quality food they can trust, whatever their budget. Red Tractor wants to support hard-pressed, time-poor Brits to feel confident and good about their choices when shopping and eating out.

“Looking for Red Tractor is an easy way for people to buy food which is so much more than being British. It signifies that the food has been checked every step of the way from farm to pack, has been produced safely, responsibly sourced and carefully farmed.”

“We have some of the best and award-winning farmers in our scheme, farmers who share our values and believe we are a vital component for maintaining the trust of shoppers and diners around UK food production. ‘Britain’s Biggest Farmers Market’ has over 46,000 farmer members, and the food and drink using our logo is valued at more than £14 billion.

“By choosing Red Tractor, people don’t need to work hard or look very far to help foster a better future for British agriculture, farmers, growers and producers.”