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Celebrating the excellent work of Young NPA members

6th Aug 2020 / By Jack Bosworth

Jack Bosworth, one two Young NPA vice chairs, works full-time on an Essex family farm, comprising pig and arable enterprises. In the latest issue of Pig World, he paid tribute to two YNPA members taking a stand on important issues

YNPA Jack Bosworth2020 has certainly been a challenging year and we can analyse it from both the glass half full and half empty approaches!

The media tend to cover the pessimistic approach fairly well! I’d rather take the glass half full stance. Whilst it is hard to write the words, ‘taking positives from COVID-19’, we should always try to identify the good from any difficult scenario.

My point of view, then, is that COVID-19 has surely slowed the spread of African swine fever due to less movement across borders, meaning less risk of contaminated products entering the UK.

Pig prices continue to rise and COVID must’ve contributed to that, with supermarket shelves being emptied quicker than they were filled. Consequently, the British public have had a reminder of the importance of farmers and key food chain workers.

I have also been reminded of just how lucky I am to live where I do and work in the industry I am in. Will we see an uptake in new entrants to agriculture as a result of good job security? That remains to be seen.

COVID has unfortunately put all our exciting Young NPA events on hold, but the Steering Group can’t wait to resume when restrictions ease to a level that allows us to do so. Wes, Jon and myself remain available to support members with anything they wish to discuss in the meantime – so feel free to get in touch.

There are two Young NPA members who deserve a special mention for the fantastic work they have done recently. Firstly, Flavian Obiero, who recently spoke out about his experiences of racism since entering the agricultural industry.

There clearly remains a minority of people within this industry who are making others feel uncomfortable and even unaccepted. I find it outrageous that this sort of prejudice exists! There is no room for it and we must work together to tackle it. We, as do a huge majority, fully support his call for change.

Lee Thompson, another member, has been doing some brilliant work on another very important topic, mental health. You can read his article HERE – what he has set up is brilliant and well worth checking out!

Lastly, on behalf of everyone involved with Young NPA, I would like to say a huge thank you to Ed Barker for the fantastic job he has done over the last three years. He has helped ensure that the pig industry has a voice that is heard in Westminster. We wish you all the best in your new role with AIC. Keep in touch!

As I write, harvest is nearly here, so I think a nice cold pint in a pub garden will be waiting for a little while longer! Keep well.