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Ed's Weekly Brexit Round Up

11th Aug 2017 / By Ed Barker

It being the middle of August, it has been quieter in the way of Brexit announcements. However points of interest that have arisen for members are...

  • Sources suggest that there is now greater agreement across the Cabinet for a two or three year transition out of the single market after 2019. This will allow the UK to be part of a customs union with the EU until replacement arrangements are in place. Failure to secure any kind of customs union could be very costly to UK pig exporting businesses due to the cost and administration of clearing customs requirements, as well as clearing disease controls.
  • The Labour party has seen a renewed push for a softer Brexit stance in the past week owing to pressures from the grassroots and backbench MPs. The Party Conference season, which starts towards the end of September, will be an interesting test of Brexit stances for all parties.
  • It is important to look ahead to September and October. When parliament returns in September, the Great Repeal Bill will be debated and first votes taking place. It will be interesting to see what kind of difficulties the government will have on voting this through, given their majority. Germany will see elections take place, which could be key for the way in which Brexit takes place, before the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier, must decide if sufficient progress has been made in Brexit negotiations, allowing for the next phase of discussions to begin.