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Forum posts - antibiotic free and NPA's roots

5th Dec 2017 / By Alistair Driver

The forum is starting to move again. We have two new entries on there. 

The first is a short, sharp observation on the issue of antibiotic free labelling, following the launch of the Black Farmer's ‘Raised Without Antibiotic’ pork range, which the NPA has described as ‘confused and deeply misleading’.

NPA historyThe other is an entry by Digby Scott, who is directing people to his brilliant and detailed history of the NPA and its roots nearly 20 years ago in the militant British Pig Industry Support Group (BPISG). 

You can view both entries here

Digby asked 'The Colonel’ to describe those BPISG regional distribution centre shutdowns. Here's a snippet: 

"So, was this militant action justified? Did it have a purpose other than venting anger and frustration?

"Maybe this is best answered with another question.

"Was the behaviour and duplicity of many of the retailers justified, and was there any alternative to redress the balance of power between a handful of oligopolistic supermarkets on the one hand, and a few thousand small, family pig-producing businesses on the other?

"The behaviour of most retailers, with one or two notable exceptions, was appalling."