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Getting Better

23rd May 2020 / By Peter Crichton

More of a stand on feeling in the air than a week ago and, although the SPP only put on a modest 0.04p, at least it is heading in the right direction and now stands at 164.34p.

Weekly contribution prices have generally remained at their previous levels, where they have been since early December, between 155p – 163p.

Although the spot market remains a very small part of the pig supply chain, some buyers have been looking to top up their numbers with spot pigs and quotes were reported to be either side of 170p/kg, although most pigs have remained on contract with UK pig supplies still on the tight side.

Cull sow prices have also appeared to have levelled out after several weeks of sharp falls which has seen prices collapse from 125p/kg in March to 65p – 70p/kg mark today, despite a firmer Euro which traded on Friday worth 89.53p.

Although the latest AHDB ex farm weaner averages have both dropped, with 30kg piglets down by £1.31 to £57.83/head and 7kg piglets losing 0.83p to stand at £41.81/head, buyers will soon need to fill empty pens following reports of lower numbers of piglets being weaned in the past month or so.