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'Go for it!' - NPA election nominations now open

2nd Oct 2017 / By Alistair Driver

Nominations for candidates wishing to stand for election to the NPA Producer Group (PG) and Allied Industry Group are open.

NPA logoThe PG, chaired by northern representative Phil Stephenson and made up of 12 producers from across the association’s regions, is the policy-making body of the NPA, meeting five times a year, mainly in London. 

The AIG, chaired by Hugh Crabtree, owner of Farmex, comprises 11 members, drawn from all parts of the allied industries. It meets six times a year, mainly at the NPA’s Warwickshire headquarters, while Mr Crabtree also sits on the PG. 

NPA chairman Richard Lister said being on PG was not only a service to the industry but was a hugely beneficial experience in its own right. 

He said: “This is an absolutely critical time for the pig industry. Now, more than ever, we need forward-looking, passionate individuals to come forward and stamp their mark on our future. It is a great experience – you learn a lot, you get to represent your peers and you can make a difference. 

“My message to anyone considering standing is, simply, go for it!”

Mr Crabtree said the AIG helped maintain the vital link between suppliers and producers. He added: “The meetings are always informative and help ensure the wider industry is part of the decision-making process. Sitting on AIG is one way to guarantee you get maximum value from your membership – it really is worth doing.” 

How to nominate

To nominate online, click on the link at the top of this website. It will take you through to our dedicated elections website, where you can post your nominations for PG and AIG.

You will need two supporting signatures from members - a proposer and a seconder.

The website also includes information on the election rules for PG and AIG, a guide to the current membership of PG and AIG, plus a detailed history of the NPA, which is well work a read.

Nominations close on January 8, 2018 and voting begins on January 22, with the successful candidates announced in March.

For more information email