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Hermitage Seaborough Ltd

Contact: Simon Cook

Address: Stadden Cross, North Tawton, Devon, EX20 2DP

Telephone: 01837 82448

Fax: 01722 325452


Main Activity: Hermitage Seaborough Ltd is committed to a breeding programme that produces high quality lean meat at the lowest possible production cost for our customers thus benefiting the consumers of pork products worldwide.

Product Range: Hermitage Seaborough Ltd is dedicated to increasing customer satisfaction through the receipt of enhanced services and product quality levels. Tools such as BLUP selection, Embryo Transfer, Frozen Semen, Transponder Testing, Ultrasound Scanning and Gene Markers are all components of the Hermitage Seaborough breeding programme. In addition, at Hermitage Seaborough we work with "pure" pedigree pigs in our breeding programmes.

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