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It's time to make your nomination for the British pig industry's most coveted award

31st May 2018 / By Digby Scott

It’s time to chose this year’s Chris Brant Award winner. Nominations open tomorrow, Friday June 1.

cba logoThe NPA Chris Brant Award has become the British pig industry's most treasured award — it's peer-nominated and the winner is chosen by real in-it-for-life producers and allied trades.

“The judges will be looking for someone who consistently goes the extra mile for our industry,” says award sponsor Richard Longthorp. 

“The days of blockading supermarkets as the only hope for survival are behind us, thank goodness. 

“But as I look over our forward-looking, more-confident industry today, I see many potential Chris Brant Award candidates, working at the coal-face, and creating a positive spin for the whole industry.”

So who will you suggest for the award this year?

Please visit here to make your nomination:

“It's important the industry recognises the contribution made by its exceptional individuals. Where would we be, otherwise?” said Richard, who will again chair the judging panel.

But there can be only one winner ever year and some judges have become almost unhinged by the task of picking just one name from so many inspirational nominations. 

So if you have nominated someone in the past, and they didn't win, please try again this year.


NPA Chris Brant Award is named after well-known producer and pig industry activist Chris Brant, who died in July 2009.

Chris Brant embodied all that was good about this industry. He was hard-working, blunt, rambunctious, a talented pig producer and as straight as a gun barrel. And he never, ever, failed to step up to the mark when his industry needed him.


CBA Hall of Fame
2017 Sam Walton
2016 Richard Lister
2016  Special award — NPA’s Georgina Crayford, Zoe Davies, Lizzie Wilson, Andrea Vickers
2015 Jimmy Butler
2014 Digby Scott
2013 Jonathan French
2012 Peter Crichton
2011 Nick White
2011 Special Award — Digby and Ann Scott
2010 Nigel Penlington
2009 Hugh Crabtree
2008 Fred Henley
2006 Richard Longthorp 
2006 John Rowbottom
2004 Lynda Davies
2002 John Millard
1999 John Cusson
1999 Chris Brant

The Chris Brant Award was founded in 1999 as the Pig Industry Service Award, when it was presented to Chris Brant and John Cusson at the People in Pigs event in East Yorkshire. 

It was renamed the Chris Brant Award in memory of Chris Brant, who died July 2009. 

Chris Brant was one of the leaders of British Pig Industry Support Group. He helped lead direct action against retailers in 1998-2000. He embodied the ethos of the award.

The NPA Chris Brant Award is presented at the National Pig Awards in November.