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'Let's get the forum fired up!'

20th Mar 2017 / By Alistair Driver

The forum has been quiet recently... 

Scotland is playing its part, however. Kevin Gilbert has been trying to get a discussion going on eMB-Pigs, which has seen a marked and welcome rise in uptake recently. "Let's try and keep the Forum going," he says.

Philip Sleigh has a query about a feeder he has been offered. 

You can catch up and offer your thoughts by clicking through to the forum here 

There is plenty to discuss across the industry. Let us know what you think about the latest disappointing (but hardly surprising) opinion from Brussels on zinc oxide. It now looks like of how long we've got rather than whether it goes. But can we cope without it? 

What did you make of the Real Welfare report? Could it help the industry up its welfare standards - even further - in future?

And keep an eye out for the forum soon - we will be asking for your views on new antibiotic targets.