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Members' area, forum and briefing updates

12th Apr 2017 / By Alistair Driver

An update on the latest activities of the animal rights movement has been posted in the members' area.

To view the members' area click here

Meanwhile, the discussion on antibiotics is underway on the forum. To view the forum click here 

The NPA is consulting members on what forthcoming long-term antibiotic targets for the pig sector should look like.

The NPA wants to hear your views on the following:

  • What do you think is achievable as an antibiotic reduction target for your business?
  • What time frame should the reduction plan cover? Is three to five years sensible?
  • Should we also be looking at other targets, for example, specific restrictions on Critically Important Antibiotics or on how antibiotics are administered to pigs?

NPA chairman Richard Lister, who is representing the pig sector in the negotiations along with Mark White from the Pig Veterinary Society, said:

“Getting these targets right is absolutely critical for our sector, which is why we are going to consult as widely as possible within the NPA membership, so as an industry, we can come to a figure that is challenging but achievable."

And, finally, the NPA has also updated the comprehensive Brexit briefing document in the briefings section to reflect our latest priorities and concerns as formal negotiations get underway.