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Morgan family honoured for contribution to agriculture

15th Apr 2019 / By Alistair Driver

Morgan award

The Morgan pig farming family have been recognised for their contribution to agriculture, including their ability the farming message across to the wider public. 

The family, who farm at Pockthorpe Hall, near Kilham, received the Driffield Agricultural Society’s prestigious Mountifield Award in front of a packed audience in Driffield Showground’s Rix Pavilion, the Driffield & Wolds Weekly reports

Pig numbers at the Kilham farm have grown from an initial 800 sows to 1,700, producing pigs reared to bacon weight.

Morgan sistersOver the past year or so the family have become familiar voices in the national media, highlighting the realities of pig farming and the drivers behind the different systems deployed throughout the sector. 

The family - David, wife Sue and daughters Vicky, Rachel and Kate - were awarded the Farming Weekly Pig Farmers of the Year award in 2012 and have appeared on BBC Breakfast, BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today programme for a whole week in 2018 (pictured) and, last month, on Countryfile.

In his citation, the society's Tim Burdass said: “The Morgan enterprise is not about individuals, it is about the whole family believing in what they produce, how they produce and using the highest standards and welfare systems to mark it as a first-class product, whilst extensively advertising all that is good about the British pig industry."

Accepting the award alongside her mother, father and sisters, Vicky Scott explained how proud her family was to receive the award and that they were ‘lucky’ to be involved in an industry they ‘love’.

“This is a massive honour and I’m not sure we (Vicky, Rachel and Kate) really deserve it but mum and dad definitely,” she said.

“They have been a big inspiration to us, and we are really proud of what they have achieved.

“We’re really lucky because we love what we do and are in such a privileged position.

“Kate, Rachel and I studied agricultural marketing at university and new from the moment we came back that we wanted to make products that were truly demanded.

“We have gone out of our way to make sure people want our products, we have told people what we do as, if people want to eat pork, I think it is really important that people understand how it is produced.

“We give them a choice. If they see it and they like it, then they go ahead and buy it!”