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NPA Pigs in Blankets blind taste test - winner revealed!

17th Dec 2019 / By Alistair Driver

Congratulations to Waitrose, which narrowly beat Aldi and Asda in the NPA’s pigs in blankets blind taste test, held today at our Stoneleigh HQ on Monday morning.

Pigs in Blankets taste test

The NPA staff team had the arduous task of sampling a range of products supplied by major retailers, including Aldi, Asda, Lidl, Marks & Spencer, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose.

The pigs in blankets were cooked for the NPA team, which sampled them blind and managed to agree on a top three, after ranking the products based on appearance, texture, ratio of bacon to sausage and, of course, taste!

Waitrose pigs in blankets“It was a very difficult decision, but our winner was Waitrose, with its wonderful pork chipolatas with honey and rosemary wrapped in oak smoked dry cured bacon, closely followed by Aldi, with Asda’s extra special range coming in third.

But across the board, it was great to see and sample to many delicious products,” said the NPA’s Andrea Vickers, who runs the @GBPork social media feed and is behind the #PimpedUpPigsInBlankets campaign.

The retailers took the competition in great spirit, engaging in a brilliant thread below a tweet by @GBpork as the competition was unfolding.

There was also an independent category, won by Cornish pedigree pork business, Primrose Herd, with its fantastic pork, cranberry and rosemary offering.

Andrea explained that the purpose of the #PimpedUpPigsInBlankets was to highlight the innovative ways major retailers, butchers, farm shops and others are adapting and developing the Christmas classic.

The @GBPork Twitter feed is also asking people to send in examples of British ‘pimped up’ pigs in blankets in the run up to Christmas. To get involved you can read more here.

“We want to see some great examples of new products and innovation that allow the Great British public to sample more Great British Pork over the festive period,” Andrea added.