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NPA banner campaign - are you willing to get involved?

1st Mar 2021 / By Alistair Driver

The NPA is looking to launch a new banner campaign soon to encourage consumers to buy British Pork in supermarkets and butchers. 

"As part of the campaign, we would love to have you involved in displaying roadside banners on your units in high visibility areas. To make this a worthwhile campaign we would need to be producing a minimum of 100 banners spread geographically around Britain," NPA office manager Andrea Tranter said. 

"The designers can get these made and distributed within a week, and we are keen to get this off the ground, but we need your help!"

"A large majority of you who took part in the town hall meetings said you would be willing to be involved in some sort of action to help NPA lobby and get our messages heard. 

"So, if you were one of the many and have the capability of displaying a banner, we would love to hear from you!"

The banners are made of an outdoor grade PVC, with eyelets and come with cable ties, so all you need to do is unroll and put it up in the location of your choosing. 

We need to know:

  • How many banners you are able to display?
  • The location of where you intend to display it.  

If you could email Andrea () ASAP to register your interest, we can (hopefully) get the campaign off the ground – if we don’t have sufficient numbers we will not go ahead as it will be counterproductive and not cost effective.

Allied Industry members – you can get involved if you are able to display a banner near the front of your buildings to attract attention to the cause or by encouraging members to take part!