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NPA updates Import Protocol

12th Feb 2019 / By Alistair Driver

The NPA Breeding Companies Import Protocol has been updated in order to ensure it reflects the current risks and rules associated with importing breeding stock.

This protocol has been developed with the aim of minimising the risk of introducing pathogens into Great Britain (GB) when importing live pigs.

It covers various aspects of importing breeding stock, including the legal requirements, ferry transport, isolation, supplementary health requirements and testing on arrival at the destination holding. It also outlines the requirement for the veterinarian to conduct a risk assessment based on evidence of the health status of the origin herd.

You can view the updated protocol in our briefings section here

“With this updated protocol, we have clearly set out what is required of anyone bringing live pigs into the country. This is especially important as compliance with the Protocol is a Red Tractor requirement,” said NPA senior policy Georgina Crayford, who developed the document with support from the NPA Heads of Breeding Companies Group, their vets and a Technical Subgroup.

“While it is never possible to eliminate risk entirely, it is incumbent on any individual importing live pigs to undertake reasonable precautions, as outlined in this document, to minimise the risk to the health status of the national pig herd.”

A separate Protocol for the importation of semen is also in development.