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New Swine Dysentery case confirmed in Suffolk

13th Feb 2020 / By Alistair Driver

An outbreak of Swine Dysentery has been confirmed on a wean-to-finish unit in Suffolk.

The pathogen was isolated following routine sampling for reduced performance on the unit, ie mild looseness but no signs of blood or mucus. Swine Dysentery was confirmed on culture in the absence of PCR.   

At no point was Swine Dysentery suspected, including in previous vet visits, due to the absence of any supporting clinical signs. It is therefore difficult to confirm how long the pathogen may have been present, the disease notification said. 

Pigs on the unit are currently healthy with no clinical signs, with strict biosecurity measures currently in place. A full cull and clean down is planned.

In the notification, AHDB said: "It is important that a heightened level of biosecurity and monitoring for clinical signs are observed over the next few weeks, especially within the Suffolk region."

Information on Swine Dysentery can be found on the AHDB website at: