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Peel Holroyd - a great supporter of the pig industry

30th Dec 2021 / By Alistair Driver

Peel Holroyd, who was a dedicated supporter of the British pig industry, has died, following an illness. 

Peel, who lived in Newbury, qualified at Harper Adams and spent his working life involved with food production.

His career included being a director for the Pig Importers and Distributors company and he was a familiar face within the sector.

His first interest was poultry, however, and he was present throughout the integration of that sector. He worked with Marks & Spencer improving supply chain relationships and logistics and became an in demand consultant as well as a conference speaker, according to NPA vice president Hugh Crabtree.

"He was a great networker introducing people left, right and centre and making useful commercial connections for those he was regularly in touch with," Hugh said.

"He was a great supporter of the pig sector and often attended regional meetings at which he could be relied upon to offer some gem of wisdom.

"I believe he was a Governor at the RASE and he was certainly a ref assessor for the RFU.

"He set up the 100 Club Scholarship programme at RAU, Cirencester sponsored by Nat West amongst others. I was the scholar in 2006."