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'Producer Group must represent all of the industry'

19th Dec 2017 / By Alistair Driver

The NPA Producer Group must represent all parts of the British pig industry, including the independent producers, says the latest candidate to put their name forward.

AFExeter farmer Andrew Freemantle currently represents the South West on PG. He runs a straw-based 350-sow unit and slatted finishing unit, selling pigs to Tulip via Thames Valley Cambac and local butchers, with around 35 a week marketed as Kenniford Farm pigs and processed through the farm's own farm butchery. 

In his manifesto, which can be viewed here, Andrew said: "For NPA Producer Group to represent all the British pig industry properly, it needs to have a range of elected members from all types of farm businesses.

"I like to think independent farmers like myself do that. My pig business is responsible for twenty five people's wages plus my family's income, so you can be sure I will be doing my best to keep it profitable and free of needless intervention."

Please note, nominations close on January 8. To nominate yourself, go to for online entry forms and rules. 

PG nominations need to be supported by two current NPA producer members - a proposer and a seconder. AIG nominations need to be supported by two current NPA allied industry members.

To be validated, election addresses and head and shoulders pictures must be supplied with nominations.