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The NPA is seeking candidates for eight producer seats on PIG. Producers will be elected on the basis of the most votes received, rather than on a regional basis.

Phil Stephenson 

Phil Stephenson 24We farm 700 sows indoors on a farrow to finish site near York. 2024 will be the 50th year anniversary since my father set the unit up on the greenfield site

I am currently vice chairman of NPA sit on the PIG board. I also represent NPA on the Red Tractor pigs board.

Still getting my hands dirty on a daily basis enables me to voice a grassroots opinion to help advise Lizzie and the rest of our fantastic NPA team.

There are many challenges our industry has to confront, and they will not stop coming.

If selected I will continue to give that full support for the good of all sections of our industry.

 Joe Dewhirst

Joe Dewhirst NPA 24I am Group Managing Director of our family farming business, based just outside Driffield in East Yorkshire.

Yorkwold Pigpro forms the largest part of our farming group, where we have 8,000 breeding sows housed across 12 indoor units and their progeny housed across 21 finishing units. Yorkwold Pigpro was set up by my father, Jim Dewhirst, in 1972.

The longer term development of our pig business has been my primary role over the past 15 years. As a business we have always taken a long term view and as such have looked to plan accordingly.

I was extremely honoured to be elected onto the NPA Producer Industry Group three years ago and I have thoroughly enjoyed being at the forefront of industry policies. It has been an unbelievably challenging period in our industry’s history and I have relished the opportunity of assisting the NPA during the very difficult times.

We’ve seen significant change in recent years, and we expect more to come with ever shifting environmental and welfare regulations. NPA must be at the forefront of these discussions if we are to get the best outcome for our industry. This means proactive negotiations with the policy makers, led by the NPA team, but ably supported by a knowledgeable producer group.

Confidence in the pig sector has taken a huge knock, but I believe there is a healthy and prosperous future for all of us, and an industry that we are all proud to be a part of.

This means profitable pig businesses investing for the future, happy and fulfilled people enjoying their careers and satisfied loyal customers. I have no doubt that a strong NPA can help achieve this.

Helen Webb

Helen WebbI am Technical and Customer Director within the Agriculture Department of Pilgrims UK.

Whilst not originally from a farming background, I have a great love of animals and have developed my career in the pig industry in a number of roles within the BQP business over the last 21 years.

Through building strong relationships with farmers, suppliers and customers, I have gained a thorough understanding of the industry, its opportunities and challenges and how they have changed over time.

I am a passionate advocate for all pig farmers in the UK and am keen to be able to give back to the industry which has supported my career to date through a producer role within the NPA PIG.

The pig industry has gone through much change over the last few years and will continue to have to rapidly and proactively evolve going forward to face the different types of challenges farmers in the UK now encounter. 

I believe that my experience of all areas of the supply chain, together with an open mind and pragmatic view to challenge make me an ideal representative for producers in these changing times.  

It would be a privilege to be elected onto the PIG producer group allowing me to positively represent the industry I love.