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Record entries prompt judges to pull forward closing date for Chris Brant Award 2019 

14th Jun 2019 / By Digby Scott

Nominations have been piling in for the Chris Brant Award 2019.

It’s caught the industry’s imagination this year to such an extent judges have decided to pull forward the nominations deadline to midday on Sunday June 30.

‘We’ve never been able to do that before,’ said award sponsor Richard Longthorp. 

‘I want to thank everyone who has taken the time and trouble to send in a suggestion… you’ve certainly ensured the judges will have a difficult time deciding who will get the award this year.’

If you haven’t sent in your nomination yet, please get your skates on and do it online as soon as possible at

Remember, your nomination doesn’t have to be the length of ‘War and Peace’. Just say sufficient to help the judges make an informed choice.

‘Your candidate doesn’t have to be a time-served committee-room cowboy to be chosen a Chris Brant Award industry hero,’ said Richard. ‘That’s not what the Chris Brant Award is for. With this award, we recognise the industry's honest-to-goodness grassroots heroes.

‘Your nominee can be deeply intemperate for all the judges care — just look at our previous winners — and he or she may comprehensively shun diplomatic niceties. 

‘Chris Brant himself never won any awards for diplomacy nor did many of our other winners. The likes of Cusson, French, Lister, Crabtree, Henley and Rowbottom can be prickly characters at times, but this industry would be in a sorry state without them.’

The award judges will be looking for someone who consistently goes the extra mile for this industry through good times and bad.

‘If you think about it as you go about your routine tasks today, you’ll quickly realise there are literally scores of likely candidates. But please don’t delay… there are only a few days left.

‘And remember, it's perfectly permissible to suggest someone you may have nominated unsuccessfully in the past. In fact, the judges would be very keen for you to do just that, as we’ve had many worthy candidates in the past, but there can only be one annual winner.’

Remember there are only a few days left. Please make your nomination here:

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Previous winners are 2018 Rita Wells, 2017 Sam Walton, 2016 Richard Lister, 2016 Special Award —  Georgina Crayford, Zoe Davies, Lizzie Wislon, Andrea Vickers, 2015 Jimmy Butler, 2014 Digby Scott, 2013 Jonathan French, 2012 Peter Crichton, 2011 Nick White, 2011 Special Award Digby and Ann Scott, 2010 Nigel Penlington, 2009 Hugh Crabtree, 2008 Fred Henley, 2006 Richard Longthorp, 2006 John Rowbottom, 2004 Lynda Davies, 2002 John Millard, 1999 John Cusson, 1999 Chris Brant. NPA Chris Brant Award is named after well-known producer and pig industry activist Chris Brant, who died in July 2009.

Chris Brant embodied all that was great about this industry. He was hard-working, blunt, rambunctious, a talented pig producer and as straight as a gun barrel. And he never, ever, failed to step up to the mark when his industry needed his help.

The Chris Brant Award is not about doing your paid job well. Or even about doing it very well. It's about consistently going the extra mile on behalf of the industry, without thought of personal reward.

The Chris Brant Award began in 1999 when it was presented to Chris Brant and John Cusson at the People in Pigs event in East Yorkshire. It was renamed the Chris Brant Award in memory of Chris Brant, who died July 2009. Chris Brant was one of the leaders of British Pig Industry Support Group. He helped lead direct action against retailers in 1998-2000. He embodied the ethos of the award.

The NPA Chris Brant Award is presented at the National Pig Awards in November.