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Sausage FM - live and sizzling

31st Oct 2016 / By Alistair Driver

British Sausage Week has got underway, with the launch of 'Sausage FM', promising its listeners ‘less talk, more pork’, 

sausage fmFormer X Factor star, turned farmer, Jonathan Benjamin ‘JB’ Gill, is the face of the 19th version of AHDB Pork's British Sausage Week, which runs from October 31 to November 6.

Among the new initiatives this year is the launch Sausage FM, 'the first radio station in the world to play the sound of British sausages, bringing back the sizzle to kitchens, cafés and butcher shops across the UK'.

Sausage FM will 'entertain sausage lovers across the nation by playing the biggest bangers with all the latest sausage chat from special guests from around the country'.

Tempted? If so, tune in here to find out more

Is the British banger losing its bang?

The radio station, hosted by JB Gill, once of chart toppers JLS and currently presenter of CBeebies’ Down on the Farm, is investigating whether the iconic British banger is losing its ‘bang’, according to the Love Pork website. 

Research conducted by leading food scientist Dr Stuart Farrimond, apparently found it is. The experiment discovered, on average, sausages today are about half as loud as they were in the 1940s.

Dr Farrimond said: “After analysing the data produced in the lab I was able to verify, the secret to a loud and satisfying sizzle – and the reason sausages were originally nicknamed bangers – is a high water content; exactly the thing you want less of for a great taste.

"Due to food shortages after the outbreak of World War I, sausages were made with less lean meat, and bulked out with fat, fillers and water – sometimes with water making up more than a quarter of the weight of a sausage.

"Today, sausages are made with higher quality, leaner pork and less water, meaning they may taste great, but don’t quite hit the top notes of sizzle we used to hear in the past.”

Sound of the kitchen

Separate research also showed 48 per cent of people name sausages sizzling as one of their favourite sounds of the kitchen.

JB Gill commented: “It’s not every day you’re asked to DJ on a radio station which plays only the sounds of sizzling sausages!"

Organised by AHDB Pork, the week celebrates the taste, quality and diversity of pork sausages available today from local butchers, producers and retailers across the country through a nationwide competition.