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Well-known pork producers make list of top 'ethical' meat boxes

2nd Apr 2019 / By Alistair Driver

Some familiar names, including the Primrose herd, have been named in a list of the top 13 'ethical' meat boxes. Primerose meat boxThe list has been compiled by the Independent, which notes that British farming is 'revered the world over', partly because of how it uses native breeds, which have 'evolved naturally to grow strong and healthy on the landscapes on which they are born'.

"This type of farming creates the healthiest, most nutritious and best tasting meat," the article states. For example: "Organic and truly free-range pigs are also reared without the routine use of drugs, antibiotics and wormers common in intensive farming. This is especially important in light of reports highlighting how the overuse of antibiotics in farming is undermining the treatment of infections in humans."

The articles stresses that not everybody is lucky enough to live near a farm adopting this sort of approach, which is where the box schemes come in.

Among the 13 best ones selected is the taster box (pictured) from Primrose Herd, in Cornwall, winner of the Producer Retailer of the Year Award at the National Pig Awards. 

"Pork is the speciality of this family run farm that has been keeping traditional breed pigs for more than 20 years," the article notes.

"The pigs are reared outdoors, which is where they like to be, and there’s no teeth clipping, tailing docking or castrating. They are eight-10 months old by the time they are turned into meat, which is much slower growing than intensively reared pigs. Therefore they have a more substantial texture and deeper flavour. Their smoked bacon reminded us of how bacon used to taste (in the good ol’ days!)."

Other companies with pork products in their box on the list include: Pipers Farm, Rosewood Farm, Farmdrop, Abel and Cole, Riverford, Primal Meats, Farmisons, Coombe Farm Organic, Eversfield, Horned Beef Company, Eversfield Organic, Peelham Farm and The Dorset Meat Company. 

You can read the full article here