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Why we should support the NPA elections and the NPA

2nd Dec 2017 / By Alistair Driver

I am also ‘a simple pig farmer’ – as our recent David Black Award winner put it – and would like to give an insight into why all producers should care about the NPA producer group elections and the NPA…

So says Phil Stephenson, chairman of the NPA Producer Group nine years ago. Phil has posted his unique insight into the vlaue of PG and why producers should male the effort to stand for election to join - originally published in December's Pig World - on the NPA Forum. You can view the post here. 


NPA election websiteSee the dedicated NPA election website to nominate yourself for PG or AIG. You can also see who has already submitted nominations and view the election rules. And while you're there, you can take a look at Digby's comprehensive history of the NPA - a reminder of the organisation's roots and what it stands for. 

What does Producer Group discuss?

If you are thinking of standing for the NPA’s Producer Group, have you ever wondered what it does? At its latest meeting in London, the usual range of issues was on the agenda, including:

Antibiotic usage and targets: Where do we go from here after the announcement on progress made in cutting usage and the new long-term targets?

LA-MRSA pig industry strategy: The NPA is formulating a new strategy to address LA-MRSA in pigs. What should it look like?

NPA Incursion Support Network: How can the British pig industry work together to address the growing threat posed by activists?

Post-Brexit support mechanisms: Millions of pounds could be available to producers under a new domestic agricultural policy. What should the pig industry be asking for?

Future of Ladies in Pigs: The future of LIPs is in doubt. What is the best way forward?

Get involved – what PG members say

“This is an opportunity to help shape future direction, and help our fantastic NPA team deliver for the industry. Get involved, sharing and expanding your knowledge at the same time.”

Simon Guise, East

“What a great opportunity: shaping our industry, fighting its cause, gaining insight into the cogs that whirr behind the scenes and the chance to chat with other forward-thinking farmers and industry members... why wouldn't you stand?”

Sophie Hope, South West

How to nominate

To nominate online for PG and AIG, go to the NPA’s new designated election website You will need two supporting signatures from members - a proposer and a seconder.


January 8, 2018 - nominations close.

January 22 – online voting begins.

Early February - candidates published in Pig World

February 5 - postal ballot for members who have not voted on-line

February 23 - polls close

March - results published on-line and in Pig World.

For more information email