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@GBpork - celebrating Great British Pork!

8th Jul 2019 / By Andrea Vickers

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When all the information you could ever wish for is available at a touch of button, whether it’s on your phone, tablet, laptop or the good old desktop, we have to be able to help maintain the balance of what is factually correct, compared with the influx of propaganda from the anti-meat eating organisations.

This is where Great British Pork, or @GBpork, comes into its own. 

NPA launched its consumer facing social media pages on both Facebook and Twitter to inform and inspire the public and celebrate all that is great about British Red Tractor pork, and all its possible uses, to the general public.

The social media pages can be found on Twitter – @GBpork – and on Facebook @Great British Pork.

The Facebook page has over 1.9k followers and Twitter has a following of 1.3k with high engagements and retweets/shares on each platform we know our messages are reaching thousands of people all around the world not just here in the UK!  

They aim to provide easy, healthy and delicious pork recipes that people may not ordinarily think of, such as Strawberry Pork Chops, down to the basics of a classic Sunday Pork roast. They reminds consumers to look for the Red Tractor, RSPCA Assured or union jack logos when out shopping, whether that is in a supermarket or at their local butchers. We ask them to enquire about the provenance of their food when eating out.


The Pork ReportWe having been running a social media campaign, #ThePorkReport, since February, including sampling new product development using British Pork. 

This could be anything from soups, to sausage rolls, to fresh pork that comes with a sauce, rub or veg –we’ve then written a small review and tagged the supermarket it was purchased from in the post. We’ve had some great engagement from the supermarkets, but, in all honesty, I think the team and their families are a little sick of eating so much Pork! 

If you would like to get involved all you have to do is visit your local store or butcher, find British Pork that has some added value, take it home for your dinner. 

Take a photo of the raw product and the cooked product and email it through to me with your review, don’t forget to tell us where your brought it from! And I’ll do the rest! You can send your reviews to

Tesco pork report