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In association with NFU, National Pig Association is active on behalf of members
in Brussels and Whitehall, and with processors, caterers and supermarkets


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Find out more about NPA Christmas GammonWatch here >>>

Tesco least supportive on British
gammon in NPA's first week of
GammonWatch surveys

Wednesday November 25, 2015
The first week's results are in from NPA's Christmas GammonWatch surveys from Redruth in Cornwall to Lockerbie in Dumfries and Galloway. Our first naming-and-shaming puts Tesco in the spotlight as least supportive retailer when it comes to sticking to post-Horsegate promises to source more British pork and pork products.

Tweet of the day by NPA
Wednesday November 25, 2015
"After 40 nationwide surveys, NPA is ready to name and shame its current villain for piss-poor stocking of British gammon." (Watch this space.)

Six days left to tell NPA why
this website is cr*p

Wednesday November 25, 2015
There are only six days left to take part in NPA's member survey — it's just a matter of ticking a few "like" and "don't like" boxes and Georgina Crayford would be grateful.

New stockperson apprenticeships
now ready for your comments

Wednesday November 25, 2015
The key point about Government's new "Trailblazer" apprenticeships is they are developed by industry, in order to genuinely address the needs of both employers and employees. The standards for the new Stockperson Trailblazer Apprenticeship are now available to view, and pig producers are invited to comment on them.

How pig unit staff can reduce
risk of LA-MRSA infection

Tuesday November 24, 2015
As it is not possible to tell if an animal is has been colonised by LA-MRSA, without carrying out laboratory tests, the Veterinary Medicines Directorate in partnership with NPA and other organisations, has published the following recommendations for all people who work with livestock.

Fresh meat market unseasonably
quiet Monday

November 23, 2015
Pig supply continued to confound expectations with excellent production from many farms being the norm, reports marketing group Thames Valley Cambac.

Moscow ban could push Ukranian
pork towards European Union markets

Monday November 23, 2015
Russia will ban Ukrainian food imports from January, when a European Union-Ukraine free-trade pact comes into force. Russia says the ban will prevent the backdoor entry of banned European Union farm goods. But the result could be Ukranian pork looking for a home on European Union supermarket shelves.

Record slaughter sees prices
continue to fall in the States

Monday November 23, 2015
Pig prices are continuing to tumble in the States, driven by a government forecast production will be up 1.7 percent next year. Slaughter last week was up 1.2 percent from the previous week and up 7.5 percent from a year ago, making it the largest pig slaughter for any week since December 2012.

Your blatant public procurement get-out clause is not acceptable, NPA tells Government
Monday November 23, 2015
A blatant public sector procurement get-out clause makes a mockery of Government's otherwise good intentions, says NPA.

NPA survey shows supermarkets are
breaking their Horsegate promises

Friday November 20, 2015
NPA GammonWatch was launched at the beginning of this week and already it's becoming clear from member surveys the situation is far worse than was feared. Most retailers are offering very little British gammon this Christmas, even though there is an abundance of high-welfare, traceable, quality-assured domestic product available.

hi-res logo

GammonWatch Tweets


November 25
Tesco least supportive on British gammon in 1st week of GammonWatch surveys, Sainsbury's 2nd.

November 25
After 40 nationwide surveys, NPA is ready to name its current supermarket villain for piss-poor stocking of British gammon.

November 24
All British gammon at Co-op, Louth, Lincolnshire... well done Co-op; you've been 100 percent in all surveys so far.

November 23
Not too bad Lidl, Carlton Centre, Lincoln today — 1 British Red Tractor gammon shelf-facing and 2 imported (Irish).

November 23
Little support for British at Sainsbury's Tritton Rd Lincoln. We saw 1 British facing, 10 imported facings, 2 mixed.

November 23
No British gammon at Morrisons at Selby today but 7 shelf-facings for imported. Origin information on packs not good.

November 23
All Danish gammon, no British, at Sainsbury's, Burton-on-Trent, today. Sad news for high-welfare British pig farmers.

November 23
No British gammon at all — zero — at Tesco, Burton-on-Trent. Poor show. No wonder British pig farmers are struggling.

November 23
Just 2 British gammons at Morrisons, Burton on Trent, and all mixed up with imported. Other pork, bacon offer v good.

November 23
Morrisons at Diss yesterday, 7 lines of imported gammon, only 2 British. Sainsbury's at York, 2 British, 7 imported.

November 22
All Danish gammon apart from small amount of Red Tractor at Asda, Scunthorpe. Customers we spoke to disappointed.

November 22
NO British gammon in Lidl at Brigg today. Let's see if things improve when their Christmas offer hits the shelves.

November 22
No British gammon shelf-facings at Tesco in Lockerbie yesterday, three imported facings, one mixed British/imported.

November 22
When we checked Asda at Gillingham yesterday, there were only two British gammon In all the store. Lots of imported.

November 19
Christmas GammonWatch was at Tesco and Morrisons in Goole on Tuesday, at Sainsbury's Gillingham yesterday, and will be at Aldi Lincoln today.

November 18
Kent villains—more evidence has come in tonight of the parlous state of gammon shelves in Britain, as supermarkets pile high with imported.

November 16
All shoppers are urged to check their gammon really is British this Christmas — beware misleadingly labelled lower-welfare imported product.

November 16
In a bid to halt pig tumbling prices, struggling British pig farmers have today launched a name-and-shame campaign — Christmas GammonWatch.

The National Pig Association is the representative trade association for British commercial pig producers
and is allied to the NFU and represents the pig interests of NFU members.
National Pig Association, Agriculture House, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire CV8 2TZ. Registered in England No. 3859242.

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