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8th Aug 2019


Get involved in #Farm24

If you are involved in the pig industry and you are on social media, today is the day to get involved in #Farm24.

7th Aug 2019


Members Area alert - new post on animal rights activity

We have posted a further update in the Members' Area on the vegan animal rights activism targeting the pig sector. 

7th Aug 2019


ASF awareness campaign prominent at Heathrow

The campaign to warn travellers about the risks of bringing African swine fever into the country is being put into action. 

6th Aug 2019


Members Area alert - two new posts on animal rights activity

We have two further updates in the Members' Area on the vegan animal rights activism targeting the pig sector. 

5th Aug 2019


How contract rearers can apply for Countryside Productivity grants

Exisiting farm businesses that rear pigs under contract are eligible for grants under the Countryside Productivity Scheme. 

5th Aug 2019


130,000 pigs culled as ASF wreaks havoc in Bulgaria

Around 130,000 have killed on large commercial farms in Bulgaria over the past few weeks, amid a worrying escalation of cases in domestic pigs in Eastern Europe.

3rd Aug 2019


Shutting the Doors

Although the SPP continues its slow climb, it was good to see the German producer price take a significant step forward. 

2nd Aug 2019


Environment Agency clarifies farming rules for water

The Environment Agency has clarified the rules concerning the application of organic manures or manufactured fertilisers in preparation for autumn planting.

1st Aug 2019


Environment Agency confirms slurry cover deadline

The Environment Agency has confirmed that slurry stores and lagoons will need to be covered by February 2021, unless an appropriate alternative is in place.

31st Jul 2019


Give us your feedback on the ASF posters!

We are delighted to see Defra has finally listended to our calls for a proper ASF awareness campaign at ports and airports.