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22nd May 2020


Brazil delays controversial Amazon vote, after international pressure over soya

Brazil has delayed a controversial vote to legalise the private occupation of land in the Amazon rainforest, following international pressure.

21st May 2020


100% of pigs protected from African swine fever in Pirbright vaccine trial

A study at the Pirbright Institute has shown that 100% of pigs immunised were protected from a lethal dose of ASF virus.

21st May 2020


Cranswick confirms deaths of three employees from COVID-19

Cranswick has confirmed the deaths of three members of staff from COVID-19 at its sliced meat factory at Wombwell, in Barnsley.

21st May 2020


Forum latest - well done NPA team!

The latest forum entry welcomes the news that emerged from Government on Tuesday regarding import tariffs.  

20th May 2020


MPs urged to safeguard British farmers as Trade Bill enters Commons

MPs are being urged to back a trade policy that safeguards British farmers and food production, as the Trade Bill begins its passage in the House of Commons today.

19th May 2020


Victory for NPA as Government drops plans to slash pork import tariffs

Following intense lobbying from the NPA, the Government has dropped its damaging plans to slash tariffs on imports of pork products from the start of next year.

18th May 2020


Producers urged to plan ahead in case of COVID-19 disruption

Pig producers have been urged to plan ahead and ensure they have at least a week's space in reserve, following disruption to the pig supply chain.

18th May 2020


Webinar alert: 'Zero zinc' - how the Danes are cutting zinc oxide usage

Biomin is hosting a webinar on Wednesday at 1pm looking at how Denmark is looking to replace zinc oxide in piglet diets. 

16th May 2020


Free Fallin'

Another challenging week, but despite the hurdles posed by COVID-19 the whole UK pig meat supply chain has managed to emerge more or less intact.

15th May 2020


Ed's Brexit round-up - will food standards be protected?

The last few days has seen a flurry of activity around the Agriculture Bill, which has returned to Parliament and completed its stages in the Commons on Wednesday.