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7th Mar 2019


NPA seeks answers on tail docking inspections

The NPA met APHA recently to seek more clarity on the introduction of a new inspection regime to address tail biting. 

6th Mar 2019


Ignorant and self-serving - why pig farm trespass must not be allowed to happen again

The NPA was absolutely horrified by the ‘Meat the Victims’ sit-in staged on a Lincolnshire farm on Saturday.

6th Mar 2019


NPA welcomes Robert Goodwill to Defra

The NPA has welcomed Yorkshire MP and farmer Robert Goodwill to Defra, after he was unveiled as the new Agriculture Minister.

5th Mar 2019


"I was really, really frightened. I was scared and I was incredibly intimidated"

A member of the farming family invaded by around 200 vegan protestors has spoken of her shock and fear as the incident happened and the impact it had on her animals.

4th Mar 2019


NPA seeking guidance on mass farm protest action

The NPA will be speaking to the police and seeking legal advice after 200 protestors descended on a Lincolnshire pig farm over the weekend.

1st Mar 2019


A big thank you from the NPA to Nigel Penlington

The NPA has thanked Nigel Penlington for the huge contribution he has made to the pig industry over the past 14 years. 

1st Mar 2019


NPA 'thoroughly disappointed' to learn continental ingredients have been used for 'Great British' brand

NPA chief executive Zoe Davies said she was 'thoroughly disappointed' to learn that a 'Great British' pork brand has been using continental ingredients.  

1st Mar 2019


Ed's Brexit round-up - new Agriculture Minister wanted!

Now that we are less than 30 days behind the date to leave the EU – an outbreak of shock this week as we seemed to have some kind of clearer picture ahead!

1st Mar 2019


Pig farm margins virtually wiped out in 2018/19

Pig farm incomes are forecast to plummet in 2018/19, as rising feed costs and lower prices virtually wipe out margins.

28th Feb 2019


Catch up with the AHDB Brexit webinar

If you missed AHDB's no deal Brexit webinar on Wednesday, you can now catch up with it.