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30th Dec 2017


"We must stand up as farmers and back the NPA team"

With just over a week to go until nominations close, there are now 12 candidates for the 12 places up for grabs in the NPA's PG election.

30th Dec 2017


What Will The New Year Bring?

More questions than answers as far as next year is concerned, but that is nothing new for many of us. 

29th Dec 2017


A third wise man from the East(ern region)

The eastern region has its third candidate for the NPA's New Year elections, after another existing PG member threw his hat into the ring. 

28th Dec 2017


Who's the latest Producer Group member to stand again?

Another current Producer Group (PG) member has announced his intention to run for a further three-year term. 

26th Dec 2017


Great progress on antibiotics - but what's on the horizon in 2018?

The NPA's Georgina Crayford outlines progress made on antbiotic usage in 2017 and the health and welfare issues to look out for in 2018. 

25th Dec 2017



Happy Christmas from NPA and enjoy your festive Red Tractor British pork! 

24th Dec 2017


Lister slams 'misleading' Viva! cinema advert

NPA chairman Richard Lister has described an anti-pig farming advert by vegan campaign group Viva! as 'totally misleading'. 

23rd Dec 2017


Lincolnshire farmer to seek another term on PG

The latest producer to put their name forward for the January NPA elections is Sam Godfrey, from Lincolnshire. 

22nd Dec 2017


Let's work together - another AIG candidate steps forward

The challenges the industry faces today require cross-industry collaboration - something the NPA is very good at, says the latest AIG candidate.

22nd Dec 2017


Back To December

Another 'curate's egg' (good in parts) year draws to a close with the SPP slipping again by 0.42p to stand at 151p.