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2nd Nov 2021


Revised Red Tractor standards now in force

Producers are reminded that Red Tractor’s updated farm standards come into effect this week, from Monday (November 1).

1st Nov 2021


'It is a deeply distressing time for the industry' - Charlie gives evidence to MP labour inquiry

The NPA's Charlie Dewhirst has set out to MPs what is happening in the pig sector and why action is needed to address long-term labour shortages. 

1st Nov 2021


Members' Area - update on on-farm culling

An important update has been posted in the Members' Area for anyone being forced to consider on-farm culling. 

28th Oct 2021


Pork levy to be used for cull and render service to reduce backlog

AHDB’s Pork Board has agreed to fund a dedicated off-farm cull and render service for mature pigs.  

28th Oct 2021


Parish asks Environment Agency to revisit Farming Rules for Water

EFRA chair Neil Parish has asked the Environment Agency to review its interpretation of rules on the spreading of organic manure by farmers this autumn.  

26th Oct 2021


Key retailers commit to backing British pork

The vast majority of the UK’s major retailers have committed to backing British pork, in response to an open letter from the NPA calling for their support.  

26th Oct 2021


Charlie to discuss labour shortages with MPs

NPA senior policy adviser Charlie Dewhirst will be giving evidence to MPs today about how labour shortages are affecting the pig industry. 

25th Oct 2021


Book your place for this week's Eastern Autumn Regional

The final NPA Autumn Regional takes place this week, with the Eastern event next up on Tuesday October 26. 

22nd Oct 2021


Still time to vote for the 2021 NPA Allied Member of the Year Award!

There is still time to vote for the winner of the NPA’s coveted Allied Industry Member of the Year award.

21st Oct 2021


New Zealand trade deal sets dangerous precedent

The NPA has warned that the trade deal with New Zealand, announced yesterday, sets a dangerous precedent for the pig sector.