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15th Nov 2016


Animal rights activity - update

We have an update on the ongoing activity of animal rights campaigners targeted at the pig sector. 

14th Nov 2016


RUMA hits back at medics' calls for antibiotic ban

The RUMA alliance has issued a strongly worded response to calls by medics for an immediate UK ban on preventative mass medication of farmed livestock.

14th Nov 2016


Pig industry stepping up to the antibiotic challenge

As World Antibiotic Awareness Week gets underway, the NPA has issued an upate on progress with its Antibiotic Stewardship Programme. 

13th Nov 2016


Forum update - another great National Pig Awards event

A self-confessed curmudgeonly, grumpy, old northern git enjoyed himself on Wednesday night. Find out why in our latest forum post. 

11th Nov 2016


First aid advice - how to spot signs of a stroke

The NPA is urging all employers and anyone who reads this site to be aware of the latest NHS advice on looking out for signs of a stroke.

11th Nov 2016


Animal rights activity - a new tactic

We have received word of a new tactic being deployed by animal rights activists in their efforts to undermine the pig industry.

10th Nov 2016


NPA commitment to go 'above and beyond' recognised at National Pig Awards

The NPA's efforts in going 'above and beyond' to help members were duly recognised at the National Pig Awards on Wednesday night.

9th Nov 2016


NPA rejects Defra proposals for additional TB controls on pigs

The NPA has largely rejected Defra proposals to bring bovine TB (bTB) regulations for pigs and other non-bovines into line with those in place for cattle.

8th Nov 2016


UK pig price still on the up but falling EU prices could put the brake on

The UK pig price is continuing to rise but falling EU prices could soon put a brake on the upward trend.

7th Nov 2016


Canadian pig industry eyes up EU trade opportunities

The Canadian pig sector is eyeing up the EU market as a potential opportunity for growth, as agreement on the EU-Canada Free Trade Agreement (CETA) draws nearer.