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21st Sep 2016


AHDB pork campaign generates millions for industry

The second phase of AHDB Pork’s Pulled Pork campaign generated an extra £13 million for the pig industry, according to figures just released.

21st Sep 2016


NPA urges caution on calls for welfare labelling

The NPA has urged caution in response to calls from the British Veterinary Association (BVA) for mandatory method of production labelling on meat and dairy products.

20th Sep 2016


Brexit means cheap food (if some have their way)

Brexit means Brexit, Theresa May was keen to stress as she found herself in charge of the ship steering the UK through the murky waters of the next few years.

19th Sep 2016


Latest pork price war cuts must not be taken out on producers - NPA

The prices consumers pay for their meat look like they are about to get lower as the ongoing price war between some of the major retailers escalates.

19th Sep 2016


Access to capital will be key to achieving antibiotic reduction - RUMA

The alliance coordinating the livestock industry’s efforts to reduce usage of antibiotics has stressed the industry will need access to capital to achieve this.

18th Sep 2016


Ladies in Pigs out in force in Red Tractor Week

Ladies in Pigs (LIPs) were busy during Red Tractor Week, promoting the great taste of assured British pork to the general public.

17th Sep 2016


Co-op to move to 100 per cent British bacon

The Co-op will source all its bacon from Britain as part of a major commitment to home-produced food that will also see it move to 100% British lamb.

16th Sep 2016


O'Neill response - Government outlines plans to address AMR

The Government has confirmed its commitment to setting targets for antibiotic usage across the livestock sectors and to introducing tougher regulation on veterinary medicines.

15th Sep 2016


Pig prices continue to rise

UK Pig prices continue to rise, with the EU-spec SPP standing at just short of £1.40/kg – a 21-month high.

14th Sep 2016


FAO announces steps to address AMR on a global scale

A new drive to address the problems associated with antibiotic usage in livestock on a global scale has been announced.