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'We cannot get our product over to Germany' - NPA highlights damaging Brexit delays on regional news

15th Jan 2021 / By Alistair Driver

NPA vice chairman Rob Mutimer and chief executive Zoe Davies have highlighted the problems the industry is currently facing in exporting products on regional news. 

Rob Mutimer East Anglia News

There has been widespread coverage of the concerns raised by the NPA in a press release yesterday, highlighting how the pig sector is being brought to a standstill as a result of the new checks and paperwork required to export meat to the EU and subsequent delays in shipments.

ITV Anglia visited Rob's farm and the feature was broadcast on Thursday, highlighting the fact that the cull sow market has come to a standstill due to the 'unprecedented delays' at ports. 

You can view the feature HERE.

Other outlets that have picked the NPA's comments up include: 

In his interview with ITV Anglia, Rob highlighted how different rules were being applied to imports and exports. 

"We have to accept that there always going to be difficulties with the change," he said. "But it does seem now that the Europeans can get product in this country very easily and the Government is helping get product in over the water and getting trucks returned.

"But we are finding we cannot get our product over to the factories in Germany that buy the meat that we are so desperate to move."

Zoe East Anglia NewsZoe was also interviewed, telling the reporter: "It has been absolutely ridiculous in terms of the amount of bureaucracy our exporters have to comply with.

"We clearly have a situation where the European Union is in no way wanting to make this easy for us - in fact it is doing everything it can to make things more difficult for us. Up to 30% of consignments are being checked, compared with other third countries to the EU, where they only have to check 1%."

The NPA is calling for the Government to intervene to help speed the process up. The Government said it was working with traders to support them during the transition and would 'closely monitor the situation to ensure disruption is minimised'.