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New climate change risk assessments available for permitted producers

4th Jul 2024 / By Alistair Driver

New risk assessments for climate change are now available on the AHDB website for permitted producers.

New legal requirement for all pig and poultry farmers who fall under Environmental Permit Regulations to complete a climate change risk assessment came into force on March 31.

The NPA has been working with AHDB and the Environment Agency (EA) on the risk assessments, which have been signed off by the EA. 

They are live on AHDB’s website for producers to access (look under model templates).

AHDB projects & engagement relationship manager Zanita Markham said there have been a number of non-conformances due to missing risk assessments.

“Operators should keep the risk assessments on farm, to be looked at during their next routine Environment Agency compliance or Pig and Poultry Assurance Scheme inspection.

“These risk assessment templates are now available online for both pig and poultry producers to use as a guide.”

N&P reporting

A Nitrogen and phosphorus reporting requirement will be extended to all permitted farms, including retrospective reporting for the 2024 calendar year, from January 2025. Thereafter, this will be an annual reporting requirement.

The EA will be sharing details soon about a new mass balance calculator to help farmers report annual livestock nitrogen and phosphorus excretion levels.

“We will update producers as soon as the reporting tools for N&P are available,” Ms Markham added.