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In association with NFU, National Pig Association is active on behalf of members in Brussels and Whitehall, and with processors, caterers and supermarkets

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19th Jul 2018


NPA highlights Brexit trade stance to Lib Dems

The NPA has highlighted its stance on post-Brexit trade policy to the Liberal Democrats.

19th Jul 2018


New post in members area

There is an update concerning an animal rights campain incident in the members' area. 

18th Jul 2018


New training programme to promote responsible use of antibiotics

A new training programme has been launched to support the responsible use of animal medicines on farms. 

17th Jul 2018


Highest recorded PRRS diagnosis in first quarter

The first quarter of 2018 saw the highest ever recorded diagnostic rate of PRRS, according to the latest GB Emerging Threats Quarterly Report. 

16th Jul 2018


Farm Safety Week focuses on child safety

Farm Safety Week 2018 is under way, with the spotlight on child safety.   

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