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In association with NFU, National Pig Association is active on behalf of members in Brussels and Whitehall, and with processors, caterers and supermarkets

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16th Jan 2019


Fantastic opportunity at the NPA

The NPA is recruiting for an exciting role at a critical time for the pig industry.

16th Jan 2019


Producer Group sets out No Deal Brexit concerns

The NPA Producer Group has highlighted the potentially severe implications of a Brexit ‘No Deal’ for the pig sector.

16th Jan 2019


£2.5m AHDB pork advertising campaign back on TV screens 

The latest phase of AHDB’s £2.5 million Midweek Meal campaign is back on our screens this week, with a fous on the health benefits of eating pork. 

15th Jan 2019


NPA urges MPs to avoid 'No Deal' catastrophe

The NPA has reminded MPs of the potentially catastrophic implications of a Brexit ‘No Deal’ for the pig sector, ahead of a potentially defining Brexit vote today.

14th Jan 2019


NPA welcomes Defra commitment to working with industry on Clean Air strategy

Farmers will face new restrictions on the storage and use of fertilisers and manure, under the Government’s new Clean Air strategy, which was published today.

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