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In association with NFU, National Pig Association is active on behalf of members
in Brussels and Whitehall, and with processors, caterers and supermarkets




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Well done guys... we needed that
Friday April 29, 2016
Bouquets to those abattoirs that added up to 3p this week to their contribution price. Hopefully these higher prices will feed through to the SPP, which will help lift the overall level of contract bacon prices from their current low levels and help to keep hard pressed producers in business >>

Science, not sensation
Friday April 29, 2016
If any producer is contacted by a documentary maker wanting to talk about antibiotic resistance in pigs, don't worry — but do contact NPA. We know rather more about the science than they do >>

Pig industry leader Zoe woos Cambridge shoppers
Friday April 29, 2016
Look who is helping Ladies in Pigs with their Pulled Pork promotion at Morrisons in Cambridge today... NPA chief executive Dr Zoe Davies. Note to Morrisons staff: Keep her away from the wines section, or she'll turn belligerent this afternoon >>

Swine dysentery
Friday April 29, 2016
New case, Yorkshire >>

Spend more on promotion, producers tell AHDB
Friday April 29, 2016
Livestock producers have told AHDB it should devote more of the levy to developing markets and promoting British food. An AHDB "activity review" has highlighted a strong feeling a key part of AHDB's role should be to develop the brand reputation of British food and farming at home and abroad >>

Staggering fall in farm incomes
Thursday April 28, 2016
Profitability of United Kingdom farming fell a staggering 29 percent in 2015, a loss of over £1.5 billion. This is the biggest year-on-year fall since the millennium. Farming profitability is at its lowest level since 2007, creating a cash-flow crisis in the industry. A cocktail of higher production around the world, subdued demand due to slowing economies, the strength of sterling in 2015 and over 24 months of falling farmgate prices across the sectors has led to plummeting profitability >>

Got your poster yet? Need more?
Wednesday April 27, 2016
NPA has mailed out a "Tidy Units" poster to all producer members now. If yours hasn't arrived by tomorrow, please let Andrea Vickers know. All buildings should have at least one poster on display, so please place your order for extra copies with Andrea as soon as possible, to help NPA decide on the next print run >>

The National Pig Association is the representative trade association for British commercial pig producers
and is allied to the NFU and represents the pig interests of NFU members.
National Pig Association, Agriculture House, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire CV8 2TZ. Registered in England No. 3859242.

The voice of the British pig industry

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