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In association with NFU, National Pig Association is active on behalf of members
in Brussels and Whitehall, and with processors, caterers and supermarkets

New Pulled Pork ad premiered in Coronation Street ad break last night




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Andrew and William

Above: Memories from 2007... William is now eight and if prices don't pick up soon father Andrew Freemantle will shortly be feeling 78, along with the rest of the industry.

Farm leaders join forces to fight for British pig industry
Wednesday February 10, 2016

The British pig industry is seeking special support from independent butchers, supermarkets and shoppers over the coming months, to help it survive the worst period of low prices for over half a decade. In an unprecedented move, the sector's lead organisations have joined forces to explain why the industry is worth helping. They cite the significant contribution British pig farmers make to the rural economy, also their higher animal welfare standards, which are the envy of the world.

Ladies in Pigs take to the road to promote Pulled Pork
Tuesday February 9, 2016

From Thursday this week the Ladies in Pigs mobile kitchen will be on the road for nearly four weeks. We will be parked outside Morrisons and Asda stores (see below) helping promote British shoulder. Between 10am and 3pm. we will be handing out samples of pulled pork baps and explaining to consumers what a shoulder joint is and how to cook it, either in a slow cooker or in the bottom of the oven.

Gill reports £202k profit
Tuesday February 9, 2016

Wolverhampton-based processor F. A. Gill Ltd has turned round a loss of £395k the previous year to a pre-tax profit of £202k in the year to September 30 2015. The company says there is still "a dangerously wide disparity" between United Kingdom pig prices and other European countries.

Russia plans 14,500-sow unit
Tuesday February 9, 2016

According to reports, work will start soon in Siberia on building one of the world's largest pig farms, capable of producing 24,500 tonnes of pork a year. That equates to around 14,500 sows, a figure that will astonish British producers who increasingly are finding it difficult to get planning permission for modest 1,000-sow units on family farms.

Corre debut for Pulled Pork ad
Monday February 8, 2016

The new Pulled Pork television advert will premiere in the break of Britain's best-loved soap opera, Coronation Street, on Wednesday, February 10. Other television ad highlights will include Mr Selfridge and Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast.

'Let's hope Media Blast Friday pricked the
conscience of shoppers and retailers'

Monday February 8, 2016

NPA chairman Richard Lister, live on BBC Breakfast on Friday. Although average weights remained high, supply was a lot closer to demand on Friday, reports marketing group Thames Valley Cambac. There were still breakdowns but they failed to cause the disruption seen in previous weeks.

The National Pig Association is the representative trade association for British commercial pig producers
and is allied to the NFU and represents the pig interests of NFU members.
National Pig Association, Agriculture House, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire CV8 2TZ. Registered in England No. 3859242.

The voice of the British pig industry

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