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Members Forum response - January 19, 2022

A response to Hugh's comment (January 17 - see below) has been posted in the Members Forum.

Members can view it HERE.

Tim Bradshaw, January 19, 2022

Three years ago someone suggested I apply to to become an AHDB Pork sector board member; much to my surprise and probably all my piggy pals too, I was successful and have just completed my first three-year term.

I'm writing this to encourage you to apply yourselves; you don't have to be a renowned industry figure, just someone who can commit the time to attend meetings and contribute to the discussions and debates that we have over how the levy is spent. 

If you don't know what AHDB do then why not stick your head above the parapet  and find out?

You don't have to tell me that there's more urgent concerns right now - I'm struggling the same as the rest of you. I do believe that there are happier times ahead of us and that UK pig production has a future; think on and give it a go !

Yes-men and -women need not apply........

Hugh Crabtree, January 17, 2022

Can anyone tell me what is going on please? I know about the following: 150k+ backed up pigs; minimum 35k pigs killed on farm; very high feed prices; George Useless telling farmers to get more from the market; silent retailers; conniving processors; grafting NPA staff; and a very small core of "activist members" doing stuff.

Where are the shouting producers? Where are the pig marketeers? Is it only a tiny minority responsible for the backed-up pigs? Where's the bloody noise about what must be the most catastrophic situation for the UK pig industry since 1998?

What's going on?

Answers on an industry forum near you please.
Baffled of Reading

Ian Broumpton, January 12, 2022

Well Mr Useless ,it just goes to show that you are totally useless and its you that needs culling ,after all it would only be a small percentage getting rid of you so no one would care in westminster or miss you when youve gone.

Richard Longthorp, January 6, 2022

Do family farms matter any more?

Reflecting on a conversation I had with Dave Morgan at today's #biteintobritish promotion campaign at Tesco Leeds as to whether there is a future for the independent family pig producer, it suddenly dawned on me that the answer was staring us all in the face on the Tesco pork shelves.

And that answer is the amount of tertiary branding that goes on. Where a family farm does not exist, they invent one. Clearly they place a value on the family farm - all we have to do is make sure they use real British family farms!

Anyway, the Tesco promotion went really well – despite some periodically atrocious weather, up there with the best in my experience and very favourably commented on by one of Tesco’s commercial team who just happened(!!!) to be there. This was due in no small part to the enthusiastic producers and allied trades who  were present and engaging with the public

The other reflection was simply just how professional and valuable Ladies In Pigs are. Throughout all the turmoil over the past 25 years or so, they have been a constant and consistent positive presence

Lessons learned?

1. The fax may have been replaced by Twitter but the pig industry is still great at this type of activity engaging with the public

2. Next time we need more producers!

Claire Payne, December 17, 2021 

Westerleigh abattoir, in Bristol, has 35 butchers arriving next week, if they can find accommodation for them. Ideally they are looking for six months but anything would be a start.

We all know how much they are needed and would be grateful if anyone can find them accommodation.

If you can help, contact me: 

David Owers, December 10, 2021

Has the time not come now for a more militant approach to the crisis pig producers in the UK are facing. The cheap EU pork that is flooding the UK is produced in systems of production that are illegal in this country - FACT.

If the UK broke down with ASF from these illegal imported products, would the EU buy our pork - would they Bollocks!!

AHDB/DEFRA Back us now or lose us - grow some BALLS.

Ian Broumpton, December 9, 2021

Ref Phil Gladwin and imports.

Yes Phil, resticting imports is the best way to get rid of the UK backlog. Cheap imports are a massive part of the problem regardless of butcher shortages.

If the retailers which are poor on UK facings (you know who you are) increased UK product on shelves, then people will buy it. I'm sure our pork would  find its way on to supermarket shelves one way or another.

So when Mr useless says nothing more can be done to help the UK pig industry, perhaps he needs telling this, but knowing Boris and co it will fall on deaf ears - perhaps we should invite them all to an illegal party with pork on the menu. I'm sure they will all come.

Phil Gladwin, December 6, 2021

Well done Zoe for your bit on the farming programme this morning, spot on. 

Has not the time come to suggest we might be able to restrict pork imports from countries with ASF, like Germany for example?

Richard Longthorp, November 23, 2021

Very many congratulations to all those who won awards at last night’s National Pig Awards but special mention must go to the Morgan girls and Duncan Berkshire.

With industry facing yet another crisis, it is heartening to know that we have such outstanding people who stand up to be counted when the need arises. Often putting justice and fairness ahead of their own personal business interests, theirs is a moral compass that always reads 'True North'.

Bloody well done and massive thanks.

Richard Longthorp, November 2, 2021

Come on you producers and allied trades (particularly the Facebook savvy generation amongst you) – the Morgan sisters are working their butts off trying to get the #Biteintobritish campaign going.

Let’s give them the support they deserve and the industry so desperately needs.

Richard Longthorp, October 11, 2021 

It looks to me as though Boris and Patel are waiting for the Hectatomb to commence before they do anything

I understand that some pigs have already been culled and more due this week

I reckon we need a rolling counter on the website of total numbers culled – maybe the Daily Mirror would publish daily also?

Richard Lister, October 10, 2021

Huge well done to everyone this week for the way they have performed with the media in probably one of the busiest weeks in NPA times.

Fantastic to see these people prepared to fight for this industry and bare their souls. I wonder if any of the processors have rung any of them to thank them for their work?

Stuart David wood, October 7, 2021

Firstly, well done to the Morgans for their rallying cry to stimulate some action and to everyone that participated in manchester - only sorry we couldn't  make it.

This is not a criticism of what the NPA are asking of the government, short term visas for EU butchery staff. But would we be better asking for some kind of intervention cold storage scheme into which carcasses with minimum butchering could be put in to get the over weight pig backlog out of the system without dragging the price down any further? 

I am sure greater minds than mine are thinking of all these these plans to help us out of this deja vu situation but just in case.

Zoe's response

Thanks for your message, Stuart, and, yes, I whole-heartedly agree with your comments about the Morgans! Great effort by everyone involved. 

Rest assured, this is something that has already been raised with Defra. It is not straightforward, in terms of logistics and not what the processors necessarily, but, yes, it is something that we want to see discussed - and we're on it!

Richard Lister, October 5, 2021

Here, here, well done to the Morgans for pulling it all together at such short notice.

Richard Longthorp, October 4, 2021

Reflections on today’s demonstration at the Tory Party Conference

First and foremost, let’s be clear, that by any measure the demo was an unqualified success – a real credit to the three Morgan sisters. The banner display, the rapport established with the local police (thanks Hugh) and the huge amount of media interviews brilliantly handled by the various spokespeople could not have been better. For the Morgans to organise such a display of pig industry frustration and controlled anger at such short notice – whilst running a business and looking after families - certainly says something about True Yorkshire Grit & Determination! So many thanks once again

The other great aspect which for me, as an industry old fart, was the proportion of young people involved. Whoever says our industry is aging should have had a look round at the age demographic today. The industry might not be in exactly great shape right now but it is most certainly in great hands

However, experience would suggest that the harsh reality is that we will more than likely have to follow up with further activity to continue to ram home the message. And whatever form that activity might take – be it writing to MPs or more physical activity, it will need bodies. So, for those unable to make it today, I am sure that there will be plenty of opportunity over the coming weeks to make your voices heard.

But finally, let’s just reflect on a bloody fine day’s work by some bloody fine people.

Vicky Morgan, September 27, 2021 

Come on we need some action!  We cannot allow the import of cheap meat into the country whilst ours is held up on farm because of a 'labour shortage'  Especially as certainly the Germans are receiving help from their home retailers and government aid as well!  We have to be heard, this is criminal.  Who is up for a trip to London?? We will bring some cute weaners as well? (If I can find any petrol)

Richard Longthorp, September 22, 2021

Reference "Anonymous NPA Member" Hear bloody Hear!

Ian Broumpton, September 22, 2021

Barking up the wrong tree: Whilst a levy holiday may help  to a very small degree, you lot at AHDB are missing the point entirely. It isnt about selling more pigs cheaper, the issues lie in getting them butchered due to a lack of labour, CO2 driver shortages etc . Even if  we give the pigs  away there isnt the staff available to process them,it is not a case of over supply of pork in the UK  its the issue of the supply chain not able to get the pork to the consumer which is causing the backlog.

Anonymous NPA member, September 20, 2021

A message to the NPA team: I think the pig sector is very lucky to have such a dedicated and focused team working on behalf of the whole industry right now

We’ve had Brexit, Covid and the price challenges and as if that wasn’t enough of a workload with all the usual trade and regulatory stuff we’ve now got the slaughter pig rollover crisis topped off with the CO2 issue.

Yes the NPA members are under considerable stress right now but with such a small team and Executive you’re also under incredible pressure and I also know you care so much for those directly affected.I just wanted to again put on record it’s appreciated and also the strengths of the NPA are admired far wider in the farming community.

Peter Crichton, September 20, 2021

I question the disease risks posed if pigmeat from other countries in the EU and beyond where African Swine Fever has been diagnosed is imported into the UK?

David Turton, September 20, 2021

I am a retired Pig Farmer and have no financial interest in Pig Farming. I read with huge concern the many problems British Pig farming is facing at present. I have an idea that may be of help, herewith.

Way back in 1976 when I started farming Pigs there were three distinctive finish selling weights. Baconer 76+ Kgs deadweight, Cutter 62-65Kgs deadweight, Porker 43-45Kgs deadweight. The Cutter and Porker trade was for fresh pork trade, the Baconer as the name implies the Bacon and Gammon trade. It was frowned upon to sell a Bacon weight pig for fresh pork consumption. The meat from these pigs were considered to be too tough and less flavoursome to be consumed as fresh pork.

There were three different prices to these weights, as I recall Baconer AAPP price, Cutter AAPP + 8p price, Porker AAPP + 15p price.  

With the advent of the Single Market in 1992 in order to compete with other EU pork producers carcass dead weights started to creep up. Today is common that the only fresh pork on offer to the British consumer is meat from 80Kgs dead weight pigs. I put forward for debate that this heavy weight carcass does not suit the British pallet, bluntly it is too tough, less succulent and less flavoursome.

For debate I suggest with the agreement of the retailers, abattoirs and processors that immediately they allow British Porker and Cutter weight pork to be offered for sale. My reasoning for this are threefold;

1) Space is immediately made available to hold some of the very heavy pigs which should have gone for slaughter. Immediately taking pressure out of the system.

2) Hopefully all the heavy pigs could eventually be processed into very good quality British Bacon and Gammon, plus Sausages. Christmas is coming up.

3) The British consumer will once again be able to enjoy the sweet succulent taste and easy to chew fresh British Pork from lower carcass weight pigs as was on offer before the advent of the Single Market. This would be a uniquely British product which Continental Europe could not compete or be bothered with.

I can well understand the hardened Pig Economists sucking air at my suggestions.  I do though put forward my thoughts as a possible way of a) easing the current stress in the system b) hopefully offer a very tasty yummy constant repeat order product which British pig farmers can build on.

Sarah Thomas, Plumpton College, September 17, 2021

Pig Unit Manager - Up to £35,012 per annum.

Established in 1926 Plumpton College has trained thousands of agricultural staff who now occupy leading positions within the industry. Central to our training in agriculture is our farm.

We are seeking an exceptional Pig Unit Manager to support us in our mission to provide an exemplar teaching and commercial resource for the college.

We are currently building a brand new 130 sow, high welfare unit & expect this to open in January 2022; we need the right person to ensure that this fabulous new resource has the maximum benefit for the farm & our students. As you'd expect we are LEAF and Red Tractor accredited and once open our new pig unit will be RSCPA approved.

For more information please visit our advert on our college website:
Closing date: October 5, 2021 Interviews to be held: w/c October 11 (either virtually or on campus).

Colin Shaw, September 13, 2021

When are we going to stop imports? They put us out of bussines - we supply less than 50 % of our market. When are we going to the ports?

Ellen Furby, September 8, 2021 

It’s a long time since I posted anything on the Forum but now I’m no longer directly involved in the industry I have little reason to do so. But a few recent calls from people still trying to make a living from producing pigs have prompted these thoughts.

Whilst profitability might be crap the main and most pressing issue seems to be the looming crisis of what to do with pigs that literally have no market due to pigs being continually rolled. Defra and some processors would appear to be hearing what the industry is warning about the issue but maybe not actually listening.

And to put it bluntly what the experience of the similar but different situation in 1999/2000 taught us was that to convert your audience from hearing to listening mode you very often have to shock them and keep shocking them until they do listen and keep listening. Not pretty but a case of needs must

And that leads to my second thought – have industry yet reached a point where “needs must”. That point where you are at the limit and can take no more. Near weekly bankruptcies, and talk of piglets being culled at birth as was the case 20 or so years ago. We reached that point back in 1999/2000 when that generation of producers decided enough was enough and did whatever was necessary to get their audience into listening and acting mode.

I am not saying an Outgoers/Ongoers Scheme is necessarily appropriate for today’s problems but it was action brought about by a combination of grass roots producers grabbing the audiences attention and skilful negotiation by NPA. Similarly the commitment we got from retailers.

That generation of producers fought for their and their families futures. The breaking point had been reached. The Rubicon crossed. And if once again it has been reached, what is industry going to do about it. NPA is limited in what it can do to get folk to listen. Groups of individual pig farmers are not.

David Owers, September 3, 2021

Hear Hear IAN we will not be attending either - not because they are not feeding the guests with British Pork ( Shameful ) but because after 20 years of support and work for Ladies in Pigs Lizzy and my Daughter Lucy have both resigned with great sadness.

Ian Broumpton, September 3, 2021 

I've just received my invitation to the LIPS 30th year celebrations only to find yet again Pork isnt being served as the main meal.

I've been given the usual reasons about it not being cooked correctly etc etc. perhaps our levy money needs to be spent on educating chefs how to cook the stuff properly.

I refuse to attend because of this and hope that other pig farmers /associates will boycott this event too. Sorry LIPS but I really do believe  that charity begins at home and we cant expect the public to support the industry if we dont show the way.

Peter Thompson, August 31, 2021 

I read about the excess of pigs in the press and sparked my interest.

I run a vegetable farming business in N Essex. We have been considering the potential to include pigs in our operation, they would help clear crops and crop residues we currently have to destroy and plough etc and would improve our soil.

It occurred to me that if pig farmers need to relocate excess stock we could host pigs here outdoors with the appropriate assistance and infrastructure.

Do you think this would be of interest?

Stuart David Wood, July 19, 2021

I sincerely hope our government is going to put an immediate  stop on imports of all pork products from the EU now that ASF has been found in domestic pigs in Germany because the EU would sure as hell stop us from exporting to them if we had ASF here.

Meryl Ward, June 7, 2021

We have a vacancy for a Service House operator at Ermine Farms Ltd. 

Join a team of 6 on a 750 sow indoor breeding farm in North Lincs.  High welfare farm with group housed dry sows on straw based electronic sows feeders. 

Excellent salary, bonus payment on performance, pension and accommodation. Continuing Professional Development including management training and career progression. 

E.Mail:  or ring 07860 565289 for more information.

Ian Broumpton, May 12, 2021

Now is the time for radical action regarding the latest shit the government want to chuck at us.  they will NEVER  insist on imports meeting our standards so there should be no conversation with defra and government  over this  just simply tell them NO  until all imports meet out standards.

we are far too soft here and need to grow a pair of balls and  fight rather then rolling over and agreeing a meek compromise. Soon there will be no farming industry in the uk just the same as all other production of goods here.

Just this week ive heard that steel has doubled in price and there is now a cement shortage here which no doubt will lead to a massive rise in concreting.

Everyone blames covid for all this but brexit and our week government are the problem.

Emily Bushby, April 28, 2021

I am a PhD candidate at the University of Leeds and, as I initially posted here in January, I am looking to reach as many pig producers in the UK as possible to understand their views on a nutritional method to reduce stress within UK pig herds.

My project, which is supervised by Professors Lisa Collins and Louise Dye, is examining whether magnesium improves performance, health and welfare in pigs. Diet has a major impact on the welfare and productivity of pig herds. I would like to understand what producers think about using additional magnesium, and their experiences and thoughts on this practice.

This survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete and you can complete it via this link: -

or by following the link to the post at the top of my Twitter feed (@EBushby23).

All answers will be anonymised and no identifying information will be collected.

Please contact me with any queries or questions at  and thank you for your time and help.

Stephen Tuer, April 19, 2021

The EA position on autumn applications of manures will mean seismic changes and could end many muck for straw arrangements as arable farmers may incorporate straw rather than spread muck on crops in the spring.

Even if muck is stored in heaps over the winter it must lead to more pollution from runoff than if it were spread, incorporated and taken up in the autumn.

If the rules change and then we subsequently discover that runoff is an issue then we may have to cover heaps or invest  in bunkers and still have to deal with effluent.

For those that produce slurry, double the storage, all covered if permitted and our spreading window is usually March through to early May. Any earlier and the ground is too wet to legally apply slurry. Any later and the crop has grown too tall for umbilical applications.

We've had years when we get very little on in the spring due to weather but manage to empty the lagoon onto stubbles. What if this option was taken away from us??

Zanita Markham, AHDB Pork, April 16, 2021

During the summer, AHDB will be hosting a webinar with the Environment Agency (EA) to answer some of your questions about environmental permitting.

To help us tailor the content to meet your needs, we'd like you to let us know what questions or concerns you have on the topic.

Perhaps you have queries about the new Best Available Technique (BAT) requirements, or maybe you want to know more about the ammonia emissions work we've been involved with and how that will affect emission factors? Let us know what's on your mind so we can answer your questions.

Tel: 07741 844997

In the meantime, visit our website for a variety of resources to support your environmental permitting needs:

David Sopko, April 15, 2021

I am Head of Production at West Berkshire Brewery, located in Yattendon, Berkshire. 

We have brewer's spent grains/hops and brewer's yeast available as animal feed.  We are looking for a partner to take these co-products away and ensure they get used productively.

We are of a reasonable scale, producing circa 2000 litres  of brewers yeast per week and 15 tonnes of spent grain/hops per week.

If interested, please contact both:

Dave Sopko - 
Will Twomey - 

Aimee Mahoney, NFU chief poultry adviser, April 7, 2021 

A poultry member from the North West is involved in an initiative looking at views of farmers on the potential for trees to capture ammonia in and around livestock buildings.

The survey is being carried out by the ART project with partners including Natural England (Catchment Sensitive Farming), the UK Centre of Ecology and Hydrology, Forest Research, Environment Agency, Lakes Free Range Eggs company and Cumbria Farm Environment Partnership (CFEP).

This is not just for poultry members - it also covers pigs and ELMs, and the project leads are keen to hear from livestock farmers as well. 

The survey can be found here.

The majority of the questions are tick-box type and should take you 10-15 minutes to complete. No location or personal details are collected within the survey, which closes on April 11.


Recent research undertaken by the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology and Forest Research has shown the potential for trees to capture ammonia in and around livestock buildings. 

The ART project are looking for your views on how tree shelterbelts, designed for ammonia capture from livestock buildings and free range livestock, fit with the farm business - what are the pros/cons, practicalities and your constraints and motivations.

Current work led by industry and the Catchment Sensitive Farming partnership has been proving the effectiveness of this practice, through measurements, improved tools and farm case studies.

Together with results from this survey it will help provide better advice and grant options for farmers through future environmental land management schemes. 

Meryl Ward, Ermine Farms, March 16, 2021 

Vacancy for a Trials Supervisor - Ermine Farms is a family run pig breeding and rearing operation based in North Lincolnshire. The position is to run a new 4000 place nursery, equipped with the latest weighing and monitoring equipment, and emissions reduction systems.  

Job responsibilities for the Trials Supervisor include day to day management of the trials unit including all aspects of feeding, health and welfare of the pigs from weaning to 40kg, collection and analysis of trial results, and working with other team members to improve the quality of weaned piglets.

Competitive salary including housing, company pension and bonus scheme.

Please e.mail, Meryl Ward at:  or ring on 07860 565289.

Ali Tomlin, APHA, March 15, 2021

If you need to submit applications for the temporary use of land for keeping livestock, please note that APHA is currently dealing with a high volume of applications which is expected to increase through the spring and summer grazing period.

In addition, high work volumes and COVID-19 restrictions are also impacting our delivery times and it is highly likely it will take the full 10 working days to process your request. 

With that in mind, please submit applications in advance to avoid delays and to ensure we can approve your application by the date you require.

If possible, you should send applications by email to the  mailbox as access to our post is sometimes limited or disrupted, which can lead to further processing delays. In addition, we are currently unable to process any applications sent by fax.

What a shambles. it comes as no surprise that IMPORT checks are being delayed another six months does it.

I thought DEFRA and the government were trying to help the industry,well obviously not .just words as usual and no action,what a shambles  this government really is and yet again using Covid as a mask to hide behind. Also our NFU president saying this is all needed to keep supermarket shelves stocked - another missed trick here.

Lets have empty shelves and food shortages instead and then we will get a modern price for our produce and not have to put up with prices which in real terms are 40 years adrift.

Richard Longthorp, March 2, 2021

Just seen the results of the election – what a team!

Well done to all those elected and well done and thanks to those who stood but missed out – I am sure you pushed the eventual successful candidates all the way.

The result was announced after the stock market closed so no reaction there but I feel sure the SPP will respond in an appropriate manner. 😀😀

Hugh Crabtree, February 25, 2021

You have only got one more day to cast your vote - please, please, please DO IT NOW!

There's a great field of candidates and the newly constituted Pig Industry Group needs the strongest possible mandate, please give it to them.


Dearbhla Connell, Harper Adams University, February 23, 2021

Calling all those working in the UK pig industry! Please take 10 minutes to fill in my survey about antibiotics and feed additives!

I am in my final year at Harper Adams University, and I am studying Benzoic acid for my dissertation. As part of this project I am trying to understand producer and allied industry perspectives on the use of Benzoic acid in the context of changing antibiotic and zinc oxide legislation.

Please spend a few minutes completing my questionnaire and share with anyone else who can help. Thanks in advance!

The impact of antibiotics and feed additives on the viability of pig enterprises (

Jade Tubb, February 23, 2021

My name is Jade and I am a final year University student undertaking a project on African Swine Fever.

I am looking for Pig Farmers, or anyone who owns pigs based in the UK to kindly participate by giving feedback on an infographic I've designed to raise awareness of the disease, and complete a short evaluation questionnaire on its effectivity.

If this is something you can help me with, I would be happy to send across more information.

All help gratefully received. 

Peter Johnson, February 17, 2021

Hello Everyone. I come from an indoor commercial pig background, which I left some years ago. We have just taken a farm with some decent fields that we intend to use to fatten pigs using tents. 100 in each field.

As I haven't managed pigs like this before I am looking for advice from anyone who runs pigs outdoors. I am trying to simplify the cleaning out process, and considering putting a hard standing in front of the tent, where the drinkers are, in the hopes that they will mess on the concrete and we can just skid steer it off, with maybe just a little picking on the grass areas before hand.

So the layout will be Large tent, on grass, heavy straw bedded; concrete pad to drinking area; grass field for rooting. The question; is this pointless?

will they just muck on the grazing and if they do how do you manage mucking out, in winter especially? Do you do it by hand? Do you find they use one place? Is it even a problem?

Stephen Tuer, February 15, 2021

I've just spent 3 hours filling in the consultation on revised red tractor standards only for it to reject my submission and take me back to the start. Won't be spending another three hours on it. 

Richard Longthorp, February 10, 2021

I guess the whole of the UK pig industry has benefited significantly over the years from the China market. A great example of industry and government working together

But with China rebuilding its own herd (probably bigger and better than before) and some political pressure over trade deals, should we not be looking to make our industry somewhat less dependent on the China market?

Rory Hall, Harper Adams, February 5, 2021

It would be greatly appreciated if NPA members could spare a few minutes to complete this dissertation survey and potentially distribute it amongst others working in all aspects of the pig industry on behalf of my girlfriend.

It is about staff training and will require quite a few completions in order to get enough responses to make the results valid. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

You can access it here:

Many thanks.

Fiona Glaves, Karro Business Development Manager – Agriculture, February 1, 2021

We have a job vacancy for a Research Fellow (KTP) in Data Analytics (Smart Agriculture). 

More information here:

David Owers, January 27, 2021 

Just a couple of questions someone may be able to answer. 1) As our market has been flooded by cheap pigmeat from the EU due to Germany losing their markets due to ASF - if a foreign lorry driver gives us ASF will the EU still take pigmeat from us?
2) I see N. Ireland's pig farmers have been given £2 million + to help them due to Covid problems-about £16 k each- when can we expect our cheques?

Steve Shaw, ECO Animal Health UL, January 26, 2021 

UK Pig Producers that are Home Mixers?

I wonder if you could please help with my search for information regarding the UK Pig Producers that mix feed at home, and the ones with Cat5/6 Feed Additive licence?

What % of farms or units are fed on Home mixed diets?
What % of Sows and %age of growers - finishers?

Thank you.

Chloe Gimson, January 26, 2021

I am currently in my final year studying BSc Agriculture with Farm Business Management at Harper Adams University.

I am undertaking research for my Honours Research Project investigating how the stockperson influences physical performance on outdoor breeding pig units and how this can be managed.

My background in pig farming along with my involvement with Ladies In Pigs and Young NPA sparked my interest in undertaking research in this area and I would be extremely grateful if NPA members could complete the following survey to inform my research:

Debbie Wilson, January 22, 2021

Does anyone still have a copy of the Yorkshire post magazine which was published first week of January and had a feature about Ladies in Pigs in it please?

A scan or picture of the feature would be appreciated.

David Owers, January 14, 2021

Many thanks to both Richards for their tireless efforts on behalf of the British Pig Industry over many years - I have always admired Richard Longthorp's brutal honesty and Richard Lister's bright and cheerful persona.

Jason Evans, January 7, 2021

Dare I ask have any producers read the amendments to the RT Standards yet? What are your thoughts? And no rude words please. 

Sarah Vermont, Biomin, January 6, 2021

This upcoming webinar hosted by Biomin might be of interest to some NPA members. It is on Wednesday, Jan 13 at 8am, but it will be recorded so people who have signed up will be sent a link to the recording.

The topic is "Swine Disease Prevention - the role of organic acids" and will cover:

  • Role of microbiome and pathogenome in the gut of pigs 
  • Management tools and strategic interventions to prevent the outbreak of bacterial disease 
  • How to decontaminate pig feed using organic acids
  • How Biotronic® Top line products reduce Salmonella, Lawsonia and Brachyspira in swine 

You can find more details and how to sign up HERE

Michael Zarkos-Smith, December 23, 2020

We are recruiting. 

Are you an enthusiastic, ambitious and independent personality and do you want to guide our customers in optimising their business results? Then we are looking for you!

As a worldwide specialist in farrowing pen management and nutrition for sows and piglets, Zarkos-Smith Associates, part of the international Swinco Group, support feed companies, integrations and pig farmers in optimizing their activities in pig farming.

We are a dynamic, decisive and customer-oriented organization with an open, result-oriented approach. Because we are active worldwide, we have a clear understanding of the developments that global pig farming is going through.

The combination of our advice and our products, including feed and feeding installations, is unique and enables our customers to get the maximum return from their business.

Does this appeal to you? Then come and strengthen our rapidly growing team!

For more details contact me at: 

Ian Broumpton, December 10, 2020

New producer attestation required to allow export of pork to continue to the EU - I said along that leaving the E U would increase RED TAPE rather then reduce it and this is only the start, lots more to come im sure.

Dont get me wrong, I voted Leave, but the whole thing was done far too quick and not anything like enough info was available from government before voting in or out.

Typical Government effort really - as usual, Cart afore hoss.

Have as good a christmas as possible everyone(im sure missing socialising and a beer or six), and one thing I am sure is that 2021 will not be as prosperous as 2020 but we live in hope.

Ian Broumpton, December 9, 2020

No Deal V Deal. on the face of it a No no no no deal (jim trott/vicar of dibley) looks a better option for uk pigmeat trading.

Sows are already making nowt, so no great difference there. I'd like to know how much of the 35000 tons of exports are sow carcases. But big tariffs on imported prime pigmeat must be good for our pork prices here.

We keep hearing that the logistics of exporting to the E U could cause problems, but surely it works the other way too with imports.lets try and put a positive slant on things for once.all the headlines are gloom and doom.

We are experts at talking our prices down in this country,lets talk them up and look at the positives for a change.

Jason Evans, December 7, 2020

After Talking to Hugh Crabtree and seeing Sally Stockings' comments, I have for the fist time put myself forward for election as I would like to be part  of the PIG team that has done a fantastic job of supporting and promoting the British Pig Industry over the last 20+ years.

I hope my 30 years in the industry with most of that spent at the coal face for MPP, stands me in good stead to be elected as one of the allied industry members. Also it would be nice to follow in the footsteps of my late father who was a key member in the very early days of the NPA.

I have worked on many different systems and seen lots of change which seems to accelerate year on year and would like to add my voice to the steering of the industry through the more than likely turbulent times ahead, to keep ahead of the curve.

Jason Evans, December 4, 2020

Ian Broumpton. I am sure I have filled one or two similar surveys in the dim distance past and wondered where they get their info from to put these surveys together?

Ian Broumpton, December 4, 2020

SRUC survey, here we go again with even more utter rubbish. Frstly the second question needs amending to allow more then one box to be ticked as im sure like us most indoor producers have both straw and slatted systems.

More importantly i do not need an academic trying to tell me how to look after pigs and as for making farmers go on a course to get a certificate on pig enrichment which no doubt would have to be paid for by farmers, well its yet again people living in dream land - come on NPA knock this for six immediately.

Ian Broumpton, November 20, 2020

RE Disease contingency planning (see Members' Area, Nov 16 post). In short, what a load of elaborate crap this is,who the hell has dreamed this up now.

Firstly its yet more paperwork form filling which most of it is already recorded elsewhere and has to be  for farm assurance, secondly its  giving farm assurance schemes more ideas as to what we will legally end up having to do every year. get rid of it immediately. my own contingency plan covers whats needed in a real world and is plain and simple just like me.

Richard Longthorp, November 17, 2020

How appropriate that the two Chief Executives of the NPA and the BPA should both have their huge contribution to the UK Pig Industry recognised independently, though almost simultaneously, with Zoe Davies receiving the Chris Brant Award and Marcus Bates the David Black Award.

A big well done and thank-you from pig producers large and small.

Rob Mutimer, November 15, 2020

NPA elections are now open and I would strongly advise anyone in the industry to consider putting yourself forward to have a voice in the newly formed Pig Industry Group, which has combined the Allied Industry Group with the Producer Group.

Whether you are a producer or work in the allied industry on small or large scale, we need your nominations so NPA members can have the opportunity to vote on candidates with real diversity from all sectors of our very diverse industry.

Personally, I have thoroughly enjoyed my first two terms on the NPA board and producer group and hope to be a continuing part of the new group.

The NPA continues to operate with a very dedicated small team, led by Zoe, with an ever increasing remit of roles including political representation, environmental expertise and welfare concerns of both pigs and NPA members.  The organisation's role is to help the pig industry members react to continuing changes in the pig market and external forces, such as Government and NGOs.

The new PIG going forward will be pivotal in keeping the NPA team up-to-date with changes and new challenges in the industry, helping both the NPA staff and board make sure the organisation continues to be a forward-thinking relevant force delivering real value for money for all its members.

There are some great forward-thinking characters in our industry and we really do need your input into the NPA. It is not a massive time commitment and as an organisation, it really does make a significant contribution to the success of our industry – so please get your nominations in!

Sally Stockings, November 11, 2020

With the NPA election nomination window now open... to put yourself forward or to not put yourself forward, that is the question!

Mr Crabtree (see October 7 below) suggested that it was a 'no-brainer' for me. Having recently taken over the reins of the business he felt I had a lot to learn. He of course, as usual, was right. If you have a passion to ensure we are able to farm profitably, a profound desire to see the pig industry get stronger and to have a voice in questioning legislation, it should be a no-brainer for you, too.

I have been fortunate to work with excellent members of the NPA staff. The knowledge that Zoe imparts, that Lizzie and Becca deciphers and that Andrea manages to communicate is amazing.

If it has ever crossed your mind to put yourself forward, please do not hesitate. The environment is welcoming and along with the more serious aspects of the meetings, it is a joy to meet up with fellow members of the pig Industry on a regular basis.

Phil Stephenson, October 23, 2020

It is election time again, this time not for Producer Group, but for the Pig Industry Group, which includes our Allied Industry friends.

The NPA evolved some 20-odd years ago – some may have wondered if we needed an independent body to represent us.

Having been on Producer Group for 12 years, I am still surprised at the number of diverse issues the fantastic NPA team has to deal with and help individual producers with.

Planning/Incursions/environmental issue/political developments, particularly Brexit/new or proposed regulations – the list is long.

There is no doubt that we would not have an industry as it is now without an NPA – and I thank the pioneers who had the foresight to set up in the first place.

To function at its best, Zoe and the team need a strong guide from the Pig Industry Group. I would urge any producer big/small/indoor/oudoor to put their name forward and have an opinion.

You will help shape and secure the future of our industry and meet lots of interesting people along the way - give it a go!

Stephen Thompson, October 23, 2020

Has ASF chair, Baroness Neville-Rolfe been asked to resign yet or even better offered her notice in?

Alistair Driver, October 23, 2020

Well, he