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Zoe: 'Updated TB guidance makes me fear for those under restriction'

6th Mar 2018 / By Alistair Driver

In her latest Pig World column, NPA chief executive Zoe Davies explains why she now fears for any pig producers under bovine TB restriction. 

Defra has re-issued guidance for Animal and Plant Health Agency field staff on how to deal with  bTB in pigs.

"It has morphed from the helpful guidance designed to encourage staff to make sensible risk-based decisions about bTB in pigs that we started seven years ago, and has gone so far the other way it makes me fear for anyone placed under restriction.

"In the absence of any pig-specific legislation they are now treating pigs like curly-tailed cows. Anyone affected will no longer be allowed to bring on new breeding stock, will have to have anything that dies on farm PM’d and, in high-risk TB areas will only be able to send pigs to approved finisher units. It’s bonkers.

"But it’s OK, because if you choose to have your pigs tested and they have to be culled, they will now offer compensation! I’m just praying that the badger culling proves effective because I’ve given up with Defra…"

You can read the whole article in the latest edition of Pig World or by clicking here