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20 Years of NPA - This is our story

25th Jun 2019 / By Alistair Driver

Digby Scott's magnificent history of the NPA was launched at last week's 20th anniversary celebrations

NPA 20th Digby Lister

NPA chairman Richard Lister described the book as a 'blockbuster charting the NPA's 20-year journey, the up and downs, the tears of joy and despair'.

20 Years of NPAFeaturing contributions from many of the key figures who have played important roles in the association's eventful history, the book takes readers through from the stormy 1998 meetings in Yorkshire that brought the industry together to fight with 'one voice' against the forces threatening its very existence to the modern day, where the team continues to present a united industry front on issues like Brexit and and antibiotic use.

There is much in between, including the famous Winnie the Pig protest, reflections on the 2001 FMD outbreak, the long-running and proactive battle to persuade retailers to source British pork, rather than EU imports produced using methods banned in this country, the banner campaign to promote British pork and the fight to limit the impact of the IPPC Regulations. Modern NPA pre-occuptions, including dealing with animal rights activism, antibiotic targets and Brexit are also covered. 

"The project started as an A5 magazine but subsequently took on a life of its own and became a fully-fledged book," Digby wrote in a recent article. 

"As you delve into the book (I have aimed for a light, dippable confection rather than a heavy text-dense read) you’ll be reminded of the many outstanding people in this industry."

If you would like to get hold of a copy, email

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