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AHDB Pork reveals more details of autumn marketing campaign

9th May 2017 / By Alistair Driver

pork loin medallions

AHDB Pork has released more details of the autumn marketing campaign that will aim to build on the success of the Pulled Pork campaign. 

In a feature in this month's Pig World, the levy body says: "AHDB Pork will hit television screens again this autumn and is set to position pork loin medallions firmly in the mind of the family cook as the perfect choice for a midweek meal.

"Following the successful Pulled Pork campaign of 2015 and 2016, the Midweek Meals campaign will continue to rejuvenate the image of, and market for, pork."

The marketing campaign from AHDB Pork, with support from Ladies in Pigs (LIPs), will combine public relations, social media, online and print advertising, in-store retail activity as well as that all-important TV advertising campaign to demonstrate the versatility, ease of cooking and great taste of pork loin medallions when used as the basis of a midweek meal.

The planning process is well under way with new recipes being developed and consumer tested, food photo shoots taking place and advert concepts being presented to focus groups of would-be consumers ahead of filming the TV advert this month.

The advertising will focus on communicating the flavour of pork loin medallions while demonstrating that, like chicken, they can be quick and convenient to prepare and cook.

To read the feature in full, see the June edition of Pig World or click here