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AHDB issues non-assured vet signed declaration reminder

7th Jul 2023 / By Alistair Driver

AHDB has issued a reminder that, from December 13, 2023, non-assured UK livestock farmers will be required to provide a declaration signed by a vet following an annual farm visit in order for their products to be eligible for export to the EU.

This new requirement is due to an EU animal health regulation change mandating farms producing animals or products of animal origin (POAO) for export to have regular veterinary visits. The previous temporary requirement, which involved a farmer declaration, will be replaced by this new procedure.

To obtain this declaration, farmers must undergo regular animal health checks conducted by qualified veterinarians. During these visits, the vet will be required to carry out a visual assessment of the farm to confirm freedom of notifiable diseases. No sampling or laboratory testing is required.

AHDB stressed that this does not need to be the sole purpose of the visit. The vet visits should occur at least once during a 12-month period. I

Farmers who are part of an approved farm assurance scheme already meet the requirement for a veterinary visit. 

If your farm has had an annual health and welfare review as part of the Animal Health and Welfare Pathway, then this visit will also fulfil the requirements. You will need to retain the receipt from your visit as evidence as official veterinarians certifying goods for export do not have any access to the AHWP database.


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