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APHA updates ASF poster

22nd Oct 2019 / By Alistair Driver

ASF is not spreading in Europe. Official. The European Commission has said it is not happy about using wording stating that ASF is ‘spreading’ in Europe.

So, due also to a request to include a reference to smallholders, the Animal and Plant Health Agency has made some changes to the poster it produced two years ago about how pig keepers can help prevent ASF (attached).

As well as swapping ‘present’ for spreading in relation to ASF in Europe and the smallholder reference, there is a new reminder on the poster that people should register their pigs with APHA.

With ASF continuing to be an ever presesnt threat, the poster, which includes advice on feeding pigs and biosecurity, is a very useful resource to have around a pig unit.

So why not download the new version now? You can do so here

APHA ASF poster