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ASF warnings - well done, Dublin Airport!

17th Feb 2020 / By Alistair Driver

Dublin Airport has really made the effort to warn passengers about the risks of bringing African swine fever into the country. 

Young NPA member Lee Thompson spotted this sign when he passed through the airport and shared it with other group members. 

Dublin airport ASF sign

That, to us, looks like the sort of clear, prominent messaging we would like to see at all UK airports and ports, accompanied by robust surveillance of passengers to detect and seize any illegally imported meat. 

We will continue to voice our concerns over the need for a more robust approach to keeping ASF out!

APHA advice 

In the meantime you can view APHA's latest updates and risk advice regarding the spread of ASF in Europe and Asia

The most recent update for Asia states that the current risk of ASF introduction to the UK is still considered to be medium, despite the spread of ASF to China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, North Korea, South Korea, Laos, Myanmar, the Philippines, East Timor, and Indonesia. The situation is being kept under review, however.

"Illegal importation of pork meat from affected parts of Asia presents a significant route of entry of ASFV to the UK," the update says.

"We would like to highlight to all pig keepers and the public to ensure pigs are not fed catering waste, kitchen scraps or pork products, thereby observing the swill feeding ban.

"All pig keepers should be aware that visitors to their premises should not have had recent
contact with pigs and pig premises in the affected regions.

"Anybody returning from any ASF-affected area should avoid contact with domestic pigs, whether commercial holdings or smallholdings, areas with feral pigs or wild boar, until they are confident they have no contaminated clothing, footwear or equipment.

"Pig keepers and veterinarians should remind themselves of the clinical signs for ASF. Any suspect cases must be reported promptly. Click here for more information.

"We would like to remind the public that any feeding of meat products, including the feeding
of swill, kitchen scraps and catering waste, to wild boar or feral pigs is also illegal. A poster reminding pig keepers of this is available here."