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Advice on overstocking and permit limits/slurry levels

10th Sep 2021 / By Lizzie Wilson

One of the concerns raised at last night's NPA Town Hall meeting was about how overstocking is pushing some producers above the permitting threshold level, and the implications of the additional slurry you may have to store and spread. 

For those producers concerned about this, in such circumstances the Environment Agency can agree a Local Enforcement Position (LEP) with the operator/farmer.

An LEP will temporarily allow overstocking on a permitted farm or temporarily allow the farm to go above threshold for a short limited period of time, subject to there being no environmental harm, until the situation is resolved.

The operator/producer should contact their local Environment Officer (EO) and discuss the situation with them directly. The EO can then issue the LEP.

If the producer is not permitted and is unaware of who their local EO is they can contact our National Customer Contact Centre on 03708 506 506 or via  and ask who their local officer will be.