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Advice to exporters on getting paperwork right

13th Jan 2021 / By Alistair Driver

P&O ferries has contacted its freight customers to provide advice on getting the paperwork right for products being exported to France. 

The ferry company said it was experiencing a high volume of vehicles being refused entry to France and delayed at the Port of Calais, due to incorrect paperwork being presented at check-in.

To avoid this as much as possible, it has reminded businesses of what is required for a smooth check-in of your vehicles:


1. Import Declarations with an Import MRN number/barcode - Required for scanning by French Customs at Dover.

2. UK Export and Safety & Security declarations, submitted via the French ICS (Import Control System).


1. Export Declaration with an Export MRN number/barcode - Required for French customs

2. GMR ID - only required if the goods are under Transit (T1 or T2 document) - Required for UK Customs.

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